Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What happens in J-term?

Dear Friends,

If you ever consider coming to PLU, you must know about J-term. J-term is a short hand for January term. Starting from January 2nd, the school starts and it will end shortly after 4 weeks, it then comes the Spring semester. J-term only lasts for a month, and it is optional.

While some students choose to stay home and relax for this month, others decide to take classes and be productive. There is also the option of studying abroad through PLU. I have a friend who is taking a ceramic class in England, some former classmates who are taking a trip to Australia, and another friend of mine is probably enjoying the delicious food in Italy now. In comparison, my Business Ethics class doesn't sound very fun. But I appreciate the new world I was introduced into. Although Business isn't my major, it is still fun to put on a different lens to see this world.

In a study session with Quyen
Also, there is an annual PLU singing competition, PLU Idol, happening in this short month. Apparently this is a musical tradition of PLU. Quyen, my favorite Vietnamese buddy, was forced (lol) to attend the audition for PLU Idol on Monday night by a bunch of his good friends. Quyen has the most beautiful voice. You won't be able to walk away once you hear him singing as each of songs he sings seems to have a soul.

It turned out that his friends did the right thing by pushing him upfront. Quyen was invited back to the competition soon after the audition!! Wish him the best of luck!

Although my break was over a long while ( just a week) ago, it is so nice to have only one class this semester; everything is manageable. How was/is your winter break?
My cousin learned to take selfies on my iPad

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