Friday, November 22, 2013

International Education Week at PLU

"I would rather die of passion than of boredom." 
--Vincent van Gogh
Dear readers,

What does International Education Week mean to you? If you are one of the international students, the word international might quickly catch your eyes at first sight like it did to mine. Kathy, an admission staff whom I sit in the same room with while I work said to me that , to recognize and celebrate different cultures and people around the world is what it means to her.

I'd have to say, the fact that International Education Week exists in this country warms my heart. I understand it as people here willing to embracing cultural differences. It definitely creates a positive climate for diversity.

On November 13, international students and students who have studied away hosted tables that represented various countries’ highlighted cultures in Hong hall’s lounge room during International Education Week.

Besides Mongolia, there were 11 other countries that were also tabling during the display.

Photo: Vu Dao

Photo: Vu Dao

Moving from one corner of the room, the crowds strolled through a variety of interactive activities, past Japan’s table, which demonstrated calligraphy art by writing people’s names in Japanese, past France’s table where a mini French place matching game was available to play, past Vietnam’s table where traditional outfits from different regions were ready for tryout, past the table of Thailand where one learned to write Thai, to the next corner of the room where Norway had set a table for waffle and cheese tasting.

Photo: Vu Dao

Photo: Vu Dao

Photo: Vu Dao

And the display continued. It went on to Mexico, America, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Germany, and Dominica (read more...)

On Nov 15, our annual International Visit Day held by PLU's International Admission office welcomed and hosted international students from 4 local community colleges -- Piece College, Highline Community College, Tacoma Community College, and Olympic Colleg. We provided a chance for any students to learn more about PLU.

The day was rainy as usual, but the students seemed to enjoy the campus tour and all the activities we facilitated. As someone who was in charge of the event, I lost my voice on that important day, embarrassed, for some lame reason, such as talking too much the previous day. Not being able to speak wasn't something I had expected, but thankfully, I had a handful of amazing coworkers and volunteers. Special thanks to Hiro, Heather, Chritian, Kari, Henry, Simba, Ella, Madeleine, Vu, Red, and David who helped putting this event together. The night moved through quickly and smoothly with all your hard work. 

As our closing activity, we took the students to see our annual talent show, Global Getdown, that celebrates diversity every year. The performers were stunning, and the crowds were huge! Special thanks to our guests who decided to perform and be part of our celebration: Mei Wen, Amadou S. Jallow, Masayuki Takahashi & Yuki Oikawa, and Yuanshan Jiang.
Yuanshan Jiang is experienced in playing Piano.
Photo: Vicky Murray

Amadou S. Jallow gave a funny speech about cultural differences.
Photo: Vicky Murray

Masayuki Takahashi & Yuki Oikawa performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
Photo: Vicky Murray

Mei Wen sang a lovely Chinese Song.
Photo: Vicky Murray
Dance Team
Photo: Vicky Murray

Photo: Vicky Murray

MC Lauren Alana Mendez
Photo: Vicky Murray

"Celebrate", by Olivia Ash
Photo: Vicky Murray
Photo: Vicky Murray

"After Rain", sang by Chinese students
Photo: Vicky Murray

David Nguyen Leon
Photo: Vicky Murray

"What Does the Fox say?"
Photo: Vicky Murray
If you missed our Visit Day this year, we hope to see you in our next year's Spring Visit Day, or Fall Visit Day. It will be a memorable experience. Pinky promise! 

Stay tuned and take care!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

4 Ways to Successfully Study for Classes

Hi there! For this blog entry, I would like to talk about 4 things that have helped me study well for my classes.

1. Take advantage of your professor's office hours- All professors have a designated office hours where they are available to answer questions and help you understand the class materials if necessary. I've met up with several of my professors for my harder classes, and they have always been helpful.

2. Read ahead for class- Reading ahead for class really helps. Personally, it helps me try to understand the material before the professor lectures about it in class, and I can also get questions together for class incase I didn't understand specific concepts.

3. Find a study buddy- I was having a hard time understanding the material for my psychology stats class, and just reading the material for class and trying to understand it by myself did not help. When I found another student who wanted to study outside of class together, it was easier for us to focus and help each other out with concepts we didn't understand.

4. Write notes in class- Listening and reading concepts for class helps to a certain degree, but when you write notes, it helps you remember the material even better. Have a notebook for each class  so that you can use your notes to study for quizzes and exams when you need to do so!

These things have helped me over the last two years. I hope this is helpful for you too!


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)

Hashtags have come to PLU! If you are a social media mogul such as myself you should check out these hashtags! They can help you get a better picture of what life as a lute really is like! #Lutelife #PLUintl #PLUcampus #pacificlutheranuniversity #PLUcampus #golutes #plulutes and many 
many more!!

The photos that are tagged with PLU tags often show up around on the campus screens! It is really fun to see everyone's pictures! You should follow us on Twitter (@PLUIntlStudents) and Instagram! Check out the following Instagram accounts!


Here are some great Instagram shots of PLU this fall!

Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)
Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)
Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Facebook Pages

You guys know how we usually link ONLINE = BULLYING?

Well, I noticed that at PLU, ONLINE = COMPLIMENTS and SHARING, and HELPING each others.

If you guys don't know already, go and like these pages on Facebook, they will brighten your day

And of course