Monday, April 16, 2018


Hi everyone!

I would like to share my journey and a great experience in New York with you all. New York Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States and the highest-income New York location by per capita income around $111,000. It takes 45 hours to get to New York by a car and 5 hours if you are on a flight. It's a very cool city to visit, and I am going to give you 5 reasons why you must visit, although some do not like Manhattan for some reason.

1. It's Gigantic

From Upper to Lower Manhattan, there are many beautiful buildings with a distinctively different style by the town--Upper town is brown, Mid-town is very colorful, and Lower town is blue. A lot of skyscrapers stand along the streets; I couldn't even take a picture of the city because the buildings are too big and too tall. When you go, make sure to bring a very nice camera.

2. It's Trendy

When you enter in a store, you will notice that a lot of things in Manhattan are technologically advanced and stylish. Walking on the street, you can even feel that the trees are fashionable. New products and many different designs and patterns, that's what the stores in the hub of fashion have. Automation is extensively used in many different industrial sectors in Manhattan. If you go to Brooklyn, you can take a fabulous idea of remodeling an old building to make it trendy. Everything is so trendy that the trip is even educational.

3. It's Unique

What I first felt from the city was every building is huge and elaborately-made. What I felt second was that the old buildings and those of new are harmoniously mixed and create a beautiful landscape. The city contains the golden age in early 20 century and the modern age. By the way, Central Park was okay.

4. It's Delicious

The best part of Manhattan is the fantastic foods: steaks, burgers, sandwiches, halal food, and beers.
The local area's food is what I care the most, and Manhattan has very nice restaurants. The following list is the restaurants I enjoyed, and I hope you try!
 [Old Homestead Steakhouse, Keens Steakhouse, 5 Napkin Burger, Katz's Delicatessen, Halal     Guys, Pronto Pizza, Joe's Pizza, Founder's, Coney Island Brewery]
I highly recommend 5 Napkin Burger's lamb good

5. It's Learning

Manhattan, New York, is the trend leading city. What you will see and feel here would be something that you can find in different cities in the future. You can learn all the architecture, fashion, technology, and diversity in one city.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break (Food version 😂😋)

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great spring break, and had some rest after working hard for the first half of this semester👏👏👏.


This is my second spring break that I spend in the U.S. (as in college 🙈). Good thing, I did get to rest during the break, but I feel like haven’t been able to finish all the things that I wanna do yet.. .

Anyway, I cooked most of the dishes that I crave during the break and had some fun in Seattle with one of my close friends here  .

I definitely should have taken some pictures of the food I cooked, but always so eager to eat after cooking.. 😂 So here come pictures from the blog recipe I followed and Google search 🙈😹 .

Grilled pork and noodle (Bún chả)

Chicken porridge (Cháo gà)

Pâté (Pate gan gà)

Bún mọc dọc mùng (I really don't know its English name 😂)

Japanese Fruit Roll Cake - from my favourite blogger 💓 (Bánh bông lan cuộn kem tươi hoa quả)
Our lunch yum yum 

Bonus some pictures that I remembered to take while in Seattle  .

A windy and rainy day in Seattle 
I definitely want this break to be longer because this is not enough for me 😂 .

But it’s okay, just two more months, 8 more weeks, and we will be done with the semester! You can do this everyone~~ Like usual, good luck  . 


Friday, March 23, 2018

Such a busy Spring thus far!

Hi again everyone!

I'm excited to be back blogging about recent happenings and life updates. First, I'd like to give a big "HURRRAAYYYY!" as I'm so close to graduating and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army from PLU. I have exactly 2 months left, and this can't come any sooner.

Also, last week was a very eventful week. I was really busy with Army stuff as my girlfriend Jayden (who's also a soldier), came to visit and we had to visit Ft. Lewis everyday from Thursday through Friday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we did a lot of Army aviation related activities. Wednesday was an aviation visit to the 66th Theater Aviation Command on Ft. Lewis. We learned a lot about aviation in the Washington Army National Guard, aircrafts they fly, and even the parts and avionics that make them work. We got to crawl around the inside of a Blackhawk and Chinook which was really fun. Below are some pictures from the visit!

Myself and CDT Potter in a Blackhawk

The Cadets!

Myself and CDT Lee (my girlfriend) with a Blackhawk
Wednesday was fun, but Thursday was even better! On Thursday, Jayden and myself returned to the 66th Theater Aviation Command and actually got to fly in a Blackhawk, all around the Puget Sound for 2 hours!

We flew across the Tacoma Narrows bridge, around Gig Harbor, up to Seattle and got really close to CenturyLink Field. It was definitely an awesome and beautiful experience.  The weather was fantastic last Thursday and we even got to watch Medical Evacuation operations conducted by the crew flying us around.

Myself and Jayden flying!
For Spring break starting today, I'm going to head off to Carbondale in Illinois and hang out with Jayden for about a week! I'm really excited and can't wait to kick this break off! I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful week as well.

Take care and until next time!

Joel Goh

Monday, March 5, 2018

IPA Trips to Downtown Tacoma & Crystal Mountain

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been enjoying your classes and burdensome assignments. Those assignments are surely nutritious for our brain and mental strengthening. If you are stressed, not a good sign, it means you need some fun activities to refresh (and go back to study with refreshed mind). 

Because I was stressed during the first and second week of this semester, although I am more stressed now, I went to Downtown Tacoma and Crystal Mountain Ski trips. I had so much fun in both trips, and I would like to share the stories with you. 

For the first ISS trip, we went the Museum of Glass. We watched glass blowing and glass arts. The glass sculptures were so beautiful that I really wished to have those. The weather was good, clean, and chill, so we spent most of time inside. On the way to the Ruston street for the lunch, we took some photos and moved very quickly (Ruston is well-known place to Tacomans for a good restaurant district and the fourth of July celebration place). Ruston street is also highly recommended to go.

On February 17, we went to the Crystal Mountain to ski and snowboard. We were scared a little bit because our van slipped a little on the snowy road. Later we found the tire chains, so we could have a safe drive home. It was stormy day that many skiers and snowboarders got hurt by the snow particles. The little snow particles literally slapping my face. The powder condition, though, was good. Snowboarding for an hour and coming back to the lounge to have some noodles, my body started melting, and a dew under my nostril. After having a quick lunch and snowboarding one-two hours, the time was up to go back. We struggled with using tire chains, and it took much time and energy from us, but I was so much appreciated by that everyone helped to get over the severe situation. A trip always takes us somewhere that creates memories whether good or bad, but it becomes a fun memory eventually. 

 Resting is good and necessary just like the steak becomes more delicious after resting it. I think it is fun to have a break with friends at the fabulous trips of IPA-ISS. Make memories and experience new things.

Don't be normal, but delicious!

Cheong Wun Cho

Friday, February 23, 2018

Winter Break & J-Term!

Hello again,

This is Joel and I'm excited to be back, blogging about my adventures and life happenings since December. In December, I went back to Malaysia for 10 days and had a blast! I had not seen my grandparents for over 3 and a half years, and many of my friends for over 5 years so that was an awesome time!

I did so much in Malaysia: I had a big photoshoot with my relatives from my dad's side, had a Christmas party with my friends, and spent a lot of time with my parents, grandparents, friends and cousins!

Here are some pictures from the trip:
Myself, parents and grandpa!
Us cousins :)
Victor, myself and Adric (Childhood best friends)
Christmas party with the classmates!

After the Malaysia trip, I returned to the U.S. and had drill weekend with my National Guard unit in January. It was extremely cold but I learned a lot as we dealt with a live hand grenade range. It was my second time throwing a live hand grenade and I enjoyed it tremendously!
Over J-Term, something huge and amazing happened in my personal life as well, I started dating this wonderful lady, Jayden, whom I've known for quite some time now. She's also in an Army ROTC program and she's from Illinois! We've been together since January and the next time we'll be together again, she's coming to visit Washington :) 
Jayden and myself at the Chicago Bean!

I'm excited for what the future holds for us. I will also be graduating and commissioning in about exactly 3 months from now, and am ecstatic about becoming an Infantry Second Lieutenant with the U.S. Army. Wish me the best of luck!
May 25th 2018 :)