Saturday, May 12, 2018

Self-care before dead week and finals 😪🤧🤗

Hi everyone! 👀😆

I hope the semester has been going well so far with all of you. Now that we are closer to dead week and finals week, don’t forget to take care of yourselves! I know that we have blog posts about this before, but I think it’s important to have it as a reminder every semester that we are the most important. If we are not healthy, we cannot do anything. So keep that in mind, and put yourself on your to-do list!

PLU offers care week with all different activities EVERY SINGLE DAY from May 14 to 18 on campus, so if you want to take off some time from studying, come to the events! Any of them! You can find this information on the bulletin board everywhere on campus.

May 15: Treat yourself with late night breakfast @Commons 9-10.30PM

May 16: Write a loved one a letter and send it for free @The tables outside the Commons 5-7pm

May 17: Help yourself with others - a discussion and action event based on mental health awareness @Harstad Main Lounge 7-9pm

May 18: Find Kind bars hidden in the UC with challenges to make someone smile

Pick one or more or if you have something else you like to do to relax, do it! Don’t start a new series on Netflix or anywhere, it’s a trap…😂😂

Puppies! (Dogs are forever puppies😍) featured Billy the goat 😉 (I actually have never met Billy the goat 😂)
Come to Red Square on May 17 11AM-2PM to meet these beautiful creatures to recharge your day! 

It’s Mother’s Day 👩 in the U.S. on Sunday May 14, so call your mom, or your family even if you don’t celebrate this day in your country. Show some love, give some love and receive much more from your beloved people. The supports from them can be the most powerful resource to get over this stressful time. 💜💜💜

Listen to some music. Find a good playlist. Create a playlist. This is what I listen to end my Friday night. 

Like always, good luck! Take care and don't forget that YOU, are important.

Cloud~ ☁

Monday, May 7, 2018

Joel's Final Blog Post!

Hello again everyone!

As this is my final blog post during my time here at PLU, there is definitely a mix of emotions as I reflect upon my 4 years at this university. I decided that the most fitting way to sign off would be to talk about my experiences through every year, in a nice, brief summary.

2014 - 2015
  • Transferred from Green River College in the Fall of 2014
  • International Student from Malaysia!
  • Started on a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising
  • Added Business Administration as a minor
  • Started working as an International Admission Intern with the PLU Office of Admission (same job, now called a Student Intern)
  • Started working as a Special Events Programmer for ASPLU
My International Orientation Group!

2015 - 2016

  • Enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves in the Summer of 2015
  • Interned at Parkland Light & Water over the Summer for Communication
  • Withdrew from PLU for the Spring
  • Shipped to Basic Training with the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, GA February 2016
  • Became a Naturalized U.S. Citizen April 2016
  • Graduated Advanced Individual Training June 2016
  • Started working at Vans at the Tacoma Mall and Jade Pacific (restaurant near PLU that recently closed)
Graduated AIT at Fort Lee, VA!
2016 - 2017
  • Returned to PLU and joined PLU Army ROTC
  • Added a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Science
  • Resumed working for the International Admission Office
  • Went to Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, KY Summer 2017
  • Presented my Communication Capstone on the U.S. Army and Peace-Training benefits

Graduated Advanced Camp 2017!
2017 - 2018
  • Selected as Battalion Cadet Command Sergeant Major for the school year
  • Presented my Computer Science Capstone with a Flower Identification web application
  • Set to commission as a 2LT in the U.S. Army May 25th 2018
  • Set to graduate with both my Bachelors' May 26th 2018 with cum laude honors
  • Moving to Illinois and seeing what life has in store for me afterwards!

Awards Ceremony May 1st, 2018

I had a wonderful time here at PLU, and wouldn't trade it for anything else. These past 4 years have taught me a lot, and I'm grateful to have spent the last of my teenage years here and in the Army. I'm excited for what lies ahead, and maybe one day I'll be able to provide you an update down the road.

Good luck to you, and thanks for reading!

Joel Goh

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nursing Clinical Experience

Hola!! This is Camille.

I hope you are all excited for the amazing weather we are having this week.

I want to share with all of you about my second half semester clinical experience for Medical Surgical 
rotation. I have two days of clinical in Good Samaritan hospital from 6:30am to 3:00pm

(Sorry for all the complaint. Keep reading, I’ll bring some positive energy back;)
I am not super excited about getting up at 5:00 am in the morning. To be honest, I often struggle 
getting up in the morning and debating if it is worthy to sacrifice sleep. (You all know what I am 
feeling right?!), and YES, I am so sleep-deprived 

However, knowing that I will be able to capture the morning view of sky, the sunrise, and Mount 
Rainier (I can never get a good picture of Mount Rainier tho), knowing that I can be around with 
all the inspiring nurses, and knowing that I can learn from them, it is worthy to get up early. 

Our first day was primarily for getting oriented to the unit and for observing how the 
interdisciplinary team collaborate together for the best interest of the patient. One of the patients 
coded because he underwent hypovolemic shock. He was unconscious as there was inadequate 
blood supplying in brain because of the blood loss. Me and other fellow student were encouraged 
to observe. We were trying to stand right by the door so we can observe better and also we hoped 
that if they needed any help, we would be there. Fortunately, the charged nurse offer us the 
opportunity to help apply pressure on the wound while waiting for the rapid response team to
arrive. As we observed the interventions that the nurses implement to bring the blood pressure up, 
we would find out the rationales behind them. At that moment, all the knowledges are not limited to 
the book and memorization. They become part of what we do. I truly appreciate all the opportunity 
that charged nurse has provided us. I realized that, as a student nurse, my goal is not only to 
practice as many skills as I can  but also learn how to think like a real nurse, and how to deal with 
different situations.

Second week of clinical:

Another thing that I have taken away from this clinical is that I need to take initiative in my learning. 
ADVOCATE FOR MYSELF!  Before I went up to the unit, I always pray that I would be assigned to 
a nurse who is willing to teach. At first, I was disappointed because the nurse was not explaining 
anything that she did, and I felt like I was just following her around doing nothing. I decided to change 
the situation around because I want to be a good nurse in the future, and because of the amount of 
money and time I invested in, I should get the education I deserve. Therefore, I SPOKE UP for 
myself. At the beginning of the shift, I told the nurse that there were goals that I attempted to achieve, 
and I asked the nurse if I can practice more nursing skills and participate more in providing care. It 
turned out that she thought I was not comfortable doing the skills. After I mentioned to her, she has 
let me practice more of my skills, and actively participate. Even though she is not the nurse who 
will explain, she is a good nurse who provides care with compassion. I have learnt so much from 
her on how to deal with those patients who would not stop crying, who would not take medication, 
and whose mind was dissociated from reality. Therefore, I wouldn’t trade anything for these 
awesome and valuable learning experiences.

AND, ONE MORE MONTH, I will be half-way done with nursing school!

Nos vemos más tarde, Amigos!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Hi everyone!

I would like to share my journey and a great experience in New York with you all. New York Manhattan is the most densely populated city in the United States and the highest-income New York location by per capita income around $111,000. It takes 45 hours to get to New York by a car and 5 hours if you are on a flight. It's a very cool city to visit, and I am going to give you 5 reasons why you must visit, although some do not like Manhattan for some reason.

1. It's Gigantic

From Upper to Lower Manhattan, there are many beautiful buildings with a distinctively different style by the town--Upper town is brown, Mid-town is very colorful, and Lower town is blue. A lot of skyscrapers stand along the streets; I couldn't even take a picture of the city because the buildings are too big and too tall. When you go, make sure to bring a very nice camera.

2. It's Trendy

When you enter in a store, you will notice that a lot of things in Manhattan are technologically advanced and stylish. Walking on the street, you can even feel that the trees are fashionable. New products and many different designs and patterns, that's what the stores in the hub of fashion have. Automation is extensively used in many different industrial sectors in Manhattan. If you go to Brooklyn, you can take a fabulous idea of remodeling an old building to make it trendy. Everything is so trendy that the trip is even educational.

3. It's Unique

What I first felt from the city was every building is huge and elaborately-made. What I felt second was that the old buildings and those of new are harmoniously mixed and create a beautiful landscape. The city contains the golden age in early 20 century and the modern age. By the way, Central Park was okay.

4. It's Delicious

The best part of Manhattan is the fantastic foods: steaks, burgers, sandwiches, halal food, and beers.
The local area's food is what I care the most, and Manhattan has very nice restaurants. The following list is the restaurants I enjoyed, and I hope you try!
 [Old Homestead Steakhouse, Keens Steakhouse, 5 Napkin Burger, Katz's Delicatessen, Halal     Guys, Pronto Pizza, Joe's Pizza, Founder's, Coney Island Brewery]
I highly recommend 5 Napkin Burger's lamb good

5. It's Learning

Manhattan, New York, is the trend leading city. What you will see and feel here would be something that you can find in different cities in the future. You can learn all the architecture, fashion, technology, and diversity in one city.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring Break (Food version 😂😋)

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great spring break, and had some rest after working hard for the first half of this semester👏👏👏.


This is my second spring break that I spend in the U.S. (as in college 🙈). Good thing, I did get to rest during the break, but I feel like haven’t been able to finish all the things that I wanna do yet.. .

Anyway, I cooked most of the dishes that I crave during the break and had some fun in Seattle with one of my close friends here  .

I definitely should have taken some pictures of the food I cooked, but always so eager to eat after cooking.. 😂 So here come pictures from the blog recipe I followed and Google search 🙈😹 .

Grilled pork and noodle (Bún chả)

Chicken porridge (Cháo gà)

Pâté (Pate gan gà)

Bún mọc dọc mùng (I really don't know its English name 😂)

Japanese Fruit Roll Cake - from my favourite blogger 💓 (Bánh bông lan cuộn kem tươi hoa quả)
Our lunch yum yum 

Bonus some pictures that I remembered to take while in Seattle  .

A windy and rainy day in Seattle 
I definitely want this break to be longer because this is not enough for me 😂 .

But it’s okay, just two more months, 8 more weeks, and we will be done with the semester! You can do this everyone~~ Like usual, good luck  .