Monday, March 5, 2018

IPA Trips to Downtown Tacoma & Crystal Mountain

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been enjoying your classes and burdensome assignments. Those assignments are surely nutritious for our brain and mental strengthening. If you are stressed, not a good sign, it means you need some fun activities to refresh (and go back to study with refreshed mind). 

Because I was stressed during the first and second week of this semester, although I am more stressed now, I went to Downtown Tacoma and Crystal Mountain Ski trips. I had so much fun in both trips, and I would like to share the stories with you. 

For the first ISS trip, we went the Museum of Glass. We watched glass blowing and glass arts. The glass sculptures were so beautiful that I really wished to have those. The weather was good, clean, and chill, so we spent most of time inside. On the way to the Ruston street for the lunch, we took some photos and moved very quickly (Ruston is well-known place to Tacomans for a good restaurant district and the fourth of July celebration place). Ruston street is also highly recommended to go.

On February 17, we went to the Crystal Mountain to ski and snowboard. We were scared a little bit because our van slipped a little on the snowy road. Later we found the tire chains, so we could have a safe drive home. It was stormy day that many skiers and snowboarders got hurt by the snow particles. The little snow particles literally slapping my face. The powder condition, though, was good. Snowboarding for an hour and coming back to the lounge to have some noodles, my body started melting, and a dew under my nostril. After having a quick lunch and snowboarding one-two hours, the time was up to go back. We struggled with using tire chains, and it took much time and energy from us, but I was so much appreciated by that everyone helped to get over the severe situation. A trip always takes us somewhere that creates memories whether good or bad, but it becomes a fun memory eventually. 

 Resting is good and necessary just like the steak becomes more delicious after resting it. I think it is fun to have a break with friends at the fabulous trips of IPA-ISS. Make memories and experience new things.

Don't be normal, but delicious!

Cheong Wun Cho

Friday, February 23, 2018

Winter Break & J-Term!

Hello again,

This is Joel and I'm excited to be back, blogging about my adventures and life happenings since December. In December, I went back to Malaysia for 10 days and had a blast! I had not seen my grandparents for over 3 and a half years, and many of my friends for over 5 years so that was an awesome time!

I did so much in Malaysia: I had a big photoshoot with my relatives from my dad's side, had a Christmas party with my friends, and spent a lot of time with my parents, grandparents, friends and cousins!

Here are some pictures from the trip:
Myself, parents and grandpa!
Us cousins :)
Victor, myself and Adric (Childhood best friends)
Christmas party with the classmates!

After the Malaysia trip, I returned to the U.S. and had drill weekend with my National Guard unit in January. It was extremely cold but I learned a lot as we dealt with a live hand grenade range. It was my second time throwing a live hand grenade and I enjoyed it tremendously!
Over J-Term, something huge and amazing happened in my personal life as well, I started dating this wonderful lady, Jayden, whom I've known for quite some time now. She's also in an Army ROTC program and she's from Illinois! We've been together since January and the next time we'll be together again, she's coming to visit Washington :) 
Jayden and myself at the Chicago Bean!

I'm excited for what the future holds for us. I will also be graduating and commissioning in about exactly 3 months from now, and am ecstatic about becoming an Infantry Second Lieutenant with the U.S. Army. Wish me the best of luck!
May 25th 2018 :)


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Traveling during Winter break and J-term ✈ - - - ✈

Hello everyone ~ πŸ‘‹  I am back again after the break πŸ˜‹ .

SO this blog is to brag about how great my J-term break was haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ˆ . During the break I went back to my hometown in Vietnam and I was able to travel so much during this time πŸ˜† . 

In Jiufen Old Street

First, I went to Taiwan with my sister, it was the first trip ever that is just the two of us. Although we did argue for some time for like where we need to go next *πŸ˜’ * just like some other travelers, we had so much fun together! πŸ’• πŸ’•  It’s always going to be my favorite trip πŸ’› . Taiwan is truly pretty and cute! Definitely wanna go back there in the future 😍 .

Then I spend New Year Eve in Nha Trang with my family. We had so much seafood during this time, they taste so gooddd. Love that family time πŸ’– .
Vinpearland Nha Trang 
I also went to the northernmost point in Vietnam, Lung Cu Flag Tower. Got to see this proudly with my own eyes and not through TV like before 😌 .

My family's first dinner in Japan  .
My last trip was to Sapporo, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan! This trip has so much memorable moments πŸ’  . Our flight was delayed from Sapporo to Osaka due to a snow storm, and at first they said there would be no flight until 3 days later!πŸ˜₯ So then we had to spend a day in the airport, but luckily we found another airline that was still able to take off. It was so crazy but I’m glad I was with my family, and we even took a picture eating and sleeping in one of the couch in the airport haha πŸ™‹ . Other than that pretty big deal incident, everything was just perfect 😻 . Every single thing I had in Japan was bomb, they taste soooo amazing that I just wanna be there forever πŸ˜† . Anywhere I went was like art, beautiful houses and beautiful nature. It was a great time ❤ .

Arashiyama area 

Then I came back home and pack to leave for the US. Now I’m back to school. Haizzz 😩 .

Bonus: My family year end feast this year 
Anyway you all, tomorrow, Friday Feb 16 is Lunar New Year yayyy πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ . This is the best time to be with your family. I’m sad that I had to leave one week earlier than the New Year's days πŸ˜” . In Vietnam, we called Lunar New Year TαΊΏt. This year the broadcasting in Vietnam has this quote, “Tet is hope, Tet is to be back home.” πŸ’œ  I hope everyone to have a Happy New Year (Dog year this year! ) with lots of luck and all the best .

Bye everyone, good luck with study for this term, you can do it πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ .

~Cloud~ ☁

Monday, December 4, 2017

Finals and preparation for Holiday

Here is the time of the semester when all the assignments, essays and exams are catching up on us.  Different people have their own way to stay awake and stay alert, and stay focused or stay on top of everything (hopefully). 

Personally, I study better at the library where there are no distractions. When I study at home, the bed is always tempting because of deprivation of sleep during finals or preparation for finals. Second floor of the library is usually my first option to go to. However, if it gets too loud, I will move up to third floor even though I tend to get too cold on the third floor. During my study, I tend to use a large amount of sketch paper but it is not really environmentally friendly. Fortunately, the library usually has standing whiteboards on the first and second floors, and for the third floor, most of the study rooms are equipped with whiteboards and computers. In addition, we can borrow markers from the library front desk. 

For efficient study, I am going to list some of the places that you can consider:

  1.  Library
Dead Week hours:

December 4th (Monday)
December 5th (Tuesday)
December 6th (Wednesday)
December 7th (Thursday)
December 8th (Friday)
December 9th (Saturday)
Open at 7am
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Close at 10:00pm

Final Week hours:

December 10th (Sunday)
December 11th (Monday)
December 12th (Tuesday)
December 13th (Wednesday)
December 14th (Thursday)
December 15th (Friday)
Open at 10:00am
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
Close at 8:00pm

2. Kreidler Lounge
Dead Week: Monday to Friday (From 8:00am to 5:00pm)
                    Sunday (From 9:00am to 3:00pm)
                    (PS: FOOD in Kreidler lounge on SUNDAY, 12/10/2017)
3. The Cave:
Dead Week: Monday to Friday (From 8:00am- 5:00pm)
                    Saturday (From 9:00 to 3:00pm)
                     (PS: FOOD in The Cave on SATURDAY, 12/9/2017)

  4. Morken

Comment down below if you have a favorite place to study on campus! 

FINALS WEEK and Post-Finals

End of semester celebration - Wednesday, Dec 13th from 12-2pm in the dCenter

Lots of students have planned for their winter break travels even before the finals are over. Some students might go back to their home countries to spend new year with their family and friends. Some students might decide to go to other countries, or travel around the U.S. ANYWAY, prior to your traveling, please make sure to check your passport, U.S. visa expiration date, and check whether or not you need a new travel signature on your I-20 (Yes, if your I-20 was signed almost a year or more than a year ago). If you are leaving during winter break, make sure to check before the office is closed (From December 22nd to January 2nd)

Go here to  Request Travel Signature

If you have any questions in regards to your I-20, you can make an appointment with Heather Jacobson.

Good luck with finals, everyone!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Vietnamese Thanksgiving version πŸ‚ πŸ‚ πŸ‚

Hello everyone~✌

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. 😌  This semester has been really busy for me since it’s my junior year. It’s probably gonna get busier later on too πŸ˜₯ 😭 BUT, i did have some fun during those stress hours! I got to help out with Around the World this year again and it was super fun. πŸ˜†  We have 17 countries represented this year and many people came to learn about different cultures and try all different kind of traditional food! It was a lot of work to prep with my people in the ISC office but it was worth it, i think the event turned out good~

Since I have so many assignments this semester, I didn’t get to go to Oregon with my roomie, Michelle. πŸ˜”  However, I had a great time eating out in a Korean Chinese restaurant with my other roomie, Camille, got to try jjamppong and sweet and sour pork Korean version! They were super yummy!


Sweet and sour porkπŸ‘Œ

On Thanksgiving day, I made this rice noodle soup that I have been craving so bad in Vietnam. It turned out really good too! (Camille approved~ πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ˆ) I forgot to take a picture but I found one online haha πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜† 

Thanksgiving dinnerπŸ™ˆ

Got to watch two movies in some free time, Midnight Runners (Korean movie) and Bad Genius (Thai movie), they were both so good πŸ’£ πŸ’£ πŸ’£ 😍 

So that’s my Vietnamese Thanksgiving version. πŸ˜‹  We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Vietnam so every year my Thanksgiving is a different version. I normally spent time with my friends’ family but this year I got to make my own.   I do need this relax time though. πŸ˜†

ChαΊ₯m dα»©t ở Δ‘Γ’y thΓ΄i nhỉ? 😏
Feature my little brother, Ace😹

See ya~~~