Sunday, November 3, 2013


Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)

Hashtags have come to PLU! If you are a social media mogul such as myself you should check out these hashtags! They can help you get a better picture of what life as a lute really is like! #Lutelife #PLUintl #PLUcampus #pacificlutheranuniversity #PLUcampus #golutes #plulutes and many 
many more!!

The photos that are tagged with PLU tags often show up around on the campus screens! It is really fun to see everyone's pictures! You should follow us on Twitter (@PLUIntlStudents) and Instagram! Check out the following Instagram accounts!


Here are some great Instagram shots of PLU this fall!

Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)
Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)
Photo by Madeleine (@brekkemo)

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