Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Break

I hope everybody had fun in break, and has emotionally and physically charged up for the rest of our spring semester.

Matcha Swiss Roll

          Even though my spring break didn’t include any exciting adventures to explore places, I have fulfilled my need for relaxation—catching up with my sleep as well as exercise. Other than that, I have tried out a new recipe for Matcha Swiss Roll.  Swiss Roll has been my favorite dessert of all time. When I was back in China, I would even have Swiss Roll for breakfast. Unfortunately, ever since I have come to US, I haven’t see any grocery store or bakery selling them. That’s why I have made up my mind to make Swiss Roll. For those who don’t know Matcha, it is finely ground powder of green tea. It is common to use Matcha for tea instead of a tea bag in Japan. Anyway, Matcha is one of my favorite flavors, and I have used it to make Matcha cookies before.  

            As we just finished our spring break, do you know that one of the “holidays” called QingMing festival is taking place in China? QingMing festival (tomb sweeping) is on April 5th, and it is to commemorate, or to show respect to our ancestors. People usually go back to their hometown where their ancestor were buried. For my family, we will either go to a temple or stay at home to proceed our “ceremony”.  What most of family do is to prepare food including a whole chicken, a couple tangerines, and either several shots glasses of Chinese soju (alcohol) or cups of tea. In addition, we also burn incense and “paper money” to serve our ancestors so that they could live comfortable lives. At the same time, we also pray for blessings from our ancestors. It is also a time of year when family gather together to enjoy each other’s company.
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Spring break was fun but we surely are not letting the fun cease. ISS is planning a trip to visit Terracotta warriors exhibit this coming weekend. Even though we won’t be able to travel to China to see, we have the opportunity to see them in Pacific Science Center in Seattle. Terracotta Warriors are magnificent. Each of terracotta warriors is presented to have a unique “personality” (facial expression), and they were buried with the first emperor, QIN SHI WANG  in China. They continue to serve as “body guards” to protect the tomb.

(picture credited to the internet)

A little story I was told about QIN SHI WAN when I was little. He was so paranoid about losing his empire that he had someone to drain mercury in the pit surrounding his tomb so that nobody can cross to steal or invade his empire. Isn’t it fascinating, and mysterious?

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