About Camille

Hello! My name is Caitong Chen. I go by Camille in my daily life because it is easier for other people to say my name. I am from Guangzhou, southern China. I grew up speaking cantonese with my family and the majority of my friends but I am also fluent in mandarin. I studied in Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA when I first came to US. I major in Nursing, and I start my nursing courses spring semester 2017.

     I love traveling, and I will try going to a new place every year if financial situation allows. My goal is to travel around the world and experience different food as well as culture. I believe that I shouldn’t say, “I don't like it” if I have never try it. I have been to Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and London. In my spare time, I like to read, particularly fiction, watch movies( or TV shows), and hang out with my friends. In summer, I enjoy hiking as well.  

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