Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Visiting University of Puget Sound with Alex

Spring Break!

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying the Spring Break.

For my Spring vacation, Alex Lu and I went to University of Puget Sound and met up with their international office staffs in order to share our idea to enrich the environment for international students in Tacoma area. "I know it already sounds very nerdy, boring, and important, so you need to keep reading it over." As far as I am concerned, it is critical for international students to have a good international relations and connections with one's own country fellows because most of international students go back to their country. Thus, I believe better environment is necessary. This idea has been discussed in International Student Office and Global Student Club, and now we are putting this idea  into action.  

Alex and I think we had a successful conversation with International Office at University of Puget Sound. Alex is the event coordinator for Global Student Club, and I was so impressed by his passion and effort on that day. He is the legit event coordinator. The staff of UPS treated us to dinner at the student restaurant. The food was great, especially salmon cake was fabulous.

As soon as we left the university, Alex and I got hungry again. We went to a teriyaki restaurant and had another dish of food.

Anyway, we are going to see University of Washington Tacoma soon and work on an event for international students in Tacoma area. I hope you guys all join because I strongly believe this will benefit you. It is all for your success :)

Thank you for your time in reading all of this !

Cheong Wun Cho

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