About Cheong Wun

Hi everyone!

My name is Cho Cheong Wun. I am an international student from Seoul, Korea. This is my junior year at Pacific Lutheran University, and I am currently studying Accounting.

I first came to USA in 2010. I graduated Portland Christian School in 2012 and Tacoma Community College in 2014. After my service in Army, I am continuing my study in Pacific Lutheran University. The academic program and faculty in Business major challenge me to develop and improve skills via assignments and competitions. What I have experienced in PLU is that staff and faculty are open to hear each student’s concern and career path, and they are ready to help them overcome the tasks and achieve the goal. Their sincere efforts and encouragement motivate me to work hard to succeed.

As well as studying, I truly enjoy meeting new friends and interacting with them. While studying in USA, I have made many good friends from diverse countries and realized that how important having the network of international fellows is. It is not only helpful for my cultural understanding but also for potential effects. As an international student, I believe that one common thing about us is that we all are far away from our family, and I believe that this is the reason why we can build a strong friendship and take care of each other. Learning cultures and having good friends are always enjoyable, so I am looking forward to meeting new international friends!

I recently joined the International Office. As the International Admissions Intern, I will work hard to be a help to international students. So please feel free to share your concerns and ideas. Thank you.

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