Saturday, May 2, 2015

WPA 2015: Psychology Research Conference in Las Vegas

Hi everyone! This semester has felt so short, I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left of this school year. I'm writing this blog from an airport in Arizona, heading back to SeaTac from a wonderful psychology conference in Las Vegas. The WPA (Western Psychological Association) Conference 2015 was held in Las Vegas this year. My group submitted our proposal in December for the conference, and it was accepted in February. Our research was on college student's coping techniques and their views on their future careers (feel free to ask me about the study if you want to know more!). It was very interesting working over the semester collecting and analyzing data, and we got to wrap up this process by presenting our poster at WPA.
Poster session at WPA
Besides spending time at the conference and listening to a few lectures, we also got to explore the strip in Las Vegas as well. It was extremely fun spending time with other psychology majors outside of class! We explored the M&M store, watched a few shows, and just enjoyed each other's company. On the last night, a few of us who were over 21 went out to a casino and tried black jack (probably something I won't do again because I'm so horrible at it…). As a whole, the trip was a very good balance between being educational and fun! It was great to get to explore Vegas as an international student, and I definitely enjoyed getting to know other psychology majors outside of a classroom setting. I'm hoping to go to other psychology conferences in the near future!

At the M&M store

The Las Vegas strip

Watching the water show in front of the Bellagio!

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