Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The PLU Bucket List

This is my third and final year as an undergraduate at Pacific Lutheran University, which had me thinking about all the things I still have to cross off my PLU Bucket List! The last year has gone by so fast and I will have so many fun memories to look back on, but there are still a few things I would like to do! If you are graduating or your stay at PLU is ending take a look through the list below to make sure you don't miss anything!

Here are 55 things to do before you graduate from PLU:

1. Go to President Krise's Gonyea House
2. Get a gold nametag
3. Get your picture on the PLU website or flyer
4. Skip a rock across Red Square to hear music
5. Declare a Major/Minor
6. Have a class in every building on campus (MBR, Morken, Admin, Xavier, Hong, Ramstad, Olson, Columbia Center, Ingram)
7. Befriend a student from another country than your own
8. Take a class just for fun
9. Perform on campus
10. Study away with PLU
11. Pull an all-nighter in the library
12. Put gum of the "gum tree"
13. Have coffee/lunch/dinner with a Professor
14. Join a club on campus
15. Start a club on campus
16. Study on Garfield street
17. Shop at the Garfield bookstore
18. Volunteer through PLU
19. Explore with Outdoor Recreation
20. Attend a PLU Sports Event
21. Hang out in the D(iversity) Center
22. Attend a concert in Mary Baker Russell
23. Perform on Stage
24. Play Tennis in the courts
25. Run on the PLU Track
26. See Mount Rainier from the 9th floor of Tingelstad
27. Have a sleepover in the dorms
28. Go on an all-hall retreat
29. Attend office hours with your professor
30. "Study"/Sunbathe on Foss Field or Redsquare
31. Learn a new language
32. Eat in the UC
33. Make dinner in a dorm
34. Visit every single dorm
35. Swim in the PLU pool
36. Participate in the PLU Color Run
37. Go to the Women's Center
38. Participate in Relay for Life
39. Attend LollaPLUza
40. Eat at every restaurant around campus
41. Attend a Career Fair
42. Buy something at BizVenture
43. Check out the Keck Observatory
44. Go to the Writing Center for help
45. Play with therapy dogs during final's week
46. Attend a PLUtonic and HERmonic concert
47. Buy a PLU sweatshirt
48. Take a picture infant of a PLU sign
49. Take a selfie with President Krise
50. Pull an all-nighter in the library
51. Read an issue of the Mooring Mast and the Daily Flyer
52. Rent a bike from the Bike Co-op
53. Attend Open Micc Night at Northern Pacific Coffee Co.
54. Play sand volleyball outside Pfleuger
55. Spin the sculpture in Red Square

I'm excited to say that I will be returning to PLU in the Fall to do my Masters which will give me a little more time to complete my list! Good luck everyone! See you next year!


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