Thursday, May 7, 2015

W-E | A-R-E | T-H-E-R-E | G-U-Y-S!

Dear Friends,
Yes, only two weeks remaining for this academic year 2014-2015! J
Congrats again for making it to this point.
One week before finals week! Huh. Do I have something interesting enough to share with you guys at this moment? Maybe my crazy busy schedule, huh no! Not interesting enough, I know that many of you are way busier than I do. So, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

This is what happen, we have only this week left before we get into the serious stuff, and I am sure that many, if not all of you are preparing hard for this final battle. Couple with the fact that there are numerous assignments, projects, presentations due within this short period of time. Most sad of all, many of you are barely making it to three or even four hours of sleep per night.

For this simple reason, I will not emphasize studying hard today, but instead I will encourage you guys to take a short break, especially for this weekend in order to refresh your memories and get ready for the dead week!

Here are some great on-campus events that you should not miss at all. The cool thing is that most of these events are free admission for the PLU Community or even anyone with a Student ID, but some others required some entry tickets.
LollaPLUza 2015- will be on May 9th- it’s an annual music festival hosted by the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University. The event will be held on lower campus on the former Golf Course from 1pm to 7pm. The event is free, check it out, it will be a nice event to attend. For more info:
The PLU Color Loop (Information provided below)

Into the Woods (Information provided below)

These are just few events, for a full listing of all on–campus events and activities scheduled for this month of May, please check it out here:
I wish you all a blessed and enjoyable week and good luck on your finals!
Your friend,
Pape Mathioro Samba


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