Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring is FINALLY in the Air~~~

Hello awesome people :) 

I really hope that everyone is doing well! Instead of writing an awfully long blog post this time around, I would like to bombard y'all with beautiful pictures of the PLU campus in spring time!

This is PLU's prime in spring time

View of Xavier Hall from the Hauge Admin Building

Close up of some beautiful purple lavenders!

PLU Students enjoying the sun

The sunshine makes everything look beautiful!

Closer view of Xavier Hall and you can see Harstad Hall on the far left

Splendid looking tree right next to Hong and Kriedler Halls

(Photo credits go to me as I spent quite some time taking and using the best pictures) :D

By now, you could probably see what this blog post is about! It's just to show everyone how picturesque the PLU campus is during the Spring :)

And oh my, the weather here right now is absolutely magnificent! It's such an awesome feeling to have the sun shining warmly down on your skin, slightly toasting and glazing you as you stroll across campus. Like how a doughnut gets browned . (haha that was intended to sound funny)

Well, for those of you that are staying for Summer, enjoy the hot sun and great weather! Have a great rest of the week and take care always.


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