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PLU's Very Own Men and Women In Green.

Hello again!

This is Joel and I'm really excited to be blogging again. I hope that school, life and everything is good for you. We're nearing mid-term/Spring break and I really can't wait to take a week off just to relax and recharge myself!

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Anyways, let's talk about my blog post. You might be wondering what "Men and Women in Green" mean. If you do understand what I'm trying to say, I tip my hat off to you. For those that don't, I'm referring to our very own Military personnel on campus!

For those of you that have been exploring campus, you might have come across or spotted some students in US Army uniforms. 

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That's right, those students are PLU's very own ROTC cadets. I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Edgecomb, and he gladly offered to tell all of us more about the ROTC program at PLU. Thanks Chris!

PLU's ROTC cadet, Chris Edgecomb.

Let's learn about the ROTC program at PLU :)

1) So, what is the ROTC program? 

ROTC, or the Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a program that allows future Army officers to simultaneously study their chosen disciplines, and training and developing as military leaders.

2) I see, so why did you choose to join it?

I choose ROTC first for the money (there was no way i could afford PLU) and secondly because I have a duty to my country to serve as best I can. I have always considered myself a leader, and this was a way to use my strengths and talents to further my career choices.

3) How will joining the ROTC program benefit you in the future?

The training experiences I get from the combined leadership training and academic study give me unique perspectives on the ways of the world. Having opportunities to travel abroad with both military and civilian programs allows me to be more empathetic with my fellow citizens of the world, as well as understanding key cultural and political norms in foreign cultures. But more than the experiences themselves, being surrounded by so many diverse cultures (as is the case of day to day life at PLU) gives me tools of communication and understanding that i can apply to all cultures at all times.

4) Nice! And how is your daily/usual school life like? 

Well, I have to wake up! Most of our training is done before 0800 and on weekends. while most of my peers might be up late partying, ROTC holds cadets to higher moral and social standards of conduct. there is a phrase we have: "the uniform never really comes off". in any military, in any organization, you are a member and representative at all times. This prompts us to grow more into the idea that someone is always watching us, and that we should always comport ourselves in a manner of professionalism and tact. 

5) Have there been any misconceptions about the ROTC program in general? And is there anything that you want to say to help clear up these misconceptions?

I cannot speak for the program as a whole. Most of what we do is neither seen nor heard of, and this breeds the idea of mystery to many people. I myself am somewhat of a joker, and I can have an abrasive personality. there are several in the program like me. But we are far more than class clowns and close minded ********. We all put on faces for different situations, and different people see us at different stages of our lives. It's hard to say anyone is one face or another. So the best that I can say is that we are all human beings, not mindless robots. We have our strengths and our faults the same as anyone else. If you want to know about us, enroll for a semester, or just sit and talk with one of us for a while. What we do is neither hidden nor secret, and we welcome the opportunity to get involved in school programs and individual discussions.

And back to me.

Wow! So as you can see, Chris and I had a pretty lengthy discussion. Most of the answers are personal quotes from him. I hope this blog post helped you learn something new about PLU! 

PLU's well known for high educational quality, but it's also time that people recognize that PLU broods citizens of high moral standards, integrity and character! 

Again, thank you Chris. I must also add, I really respect the ROTC program at PLU and those in it!

Have a great night everyone.


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