Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break!

Hello everyone!

It's Joel again. As usual, I hope that everyone is doing amazingly well. The weather has recently changed and the air feels much warmer and cozier in my opinion. The sunshine is pretty nice as well! So, right smack in Spring Semester, we have Spring Break! The break which we were all yearning for.

I must say, Spring Break really rejuvenated me and gave me a boost to the first day back to school today. It was a well-deserved and well-needed break for sure.

You might be wondering what I was up to during the break. Honestly, I did nothing much and had more of a staycation. (I just learned this term from one of my classmates today). Really cool eh? A staycation. Pretty simple definition: A staying at home type of vacation. I mean, I wasn't at home 24/7 the whole week.

I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend, friends and did lots of cool stuff such as going bowling, going to malls and an arcade. I also managed to meet up my old friends from my previous school! They came up from California to pay a visit to beautiful Washington.

L to R: Myself, Yu, Yuki (GF) & Tian. Amazing friends that came from Cali!

So yeah! It was a pretty short break but it was really refreshing and enjoyable. Even though I did not do anything 'exotic', I had one of the best breaks ever as I was so occupied with friends and rest!

Short blog this time around. Hope to be blogging about some interesting things the next time around.

Take care always and have a great week.


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