Friday, March 13, 2015

Exploring the Library

Dear International Friends,
We are again at that time of the year, where classes are more than overwhelming due to heavy loads. For some of you, assignments and projects are due within less than few hours, papers need to be turn in within the next twenty four hours, or even multiple exams scheduled for the following day.

Do not panic my friend! If you want to meet all of these deadlines, the only right place for you to ensure that actually everything is going well and smoothly is, of course, The Library! 
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In this article, we’ll discuss some resources that are useful and important to know about the library, especially if you are new on campus, and how these might be of a great help.
Let’s explore the library guys! Let’s explore!

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Did you know that Mortvedt Library’s resources classification system might be different than your library classification system back home?

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The Mortvedt library uses the U.S. Library of Congress Classification System, which means that all materials are assigned with a letter and call number based on the subject areas. Most of the universities in the U.S. use this classification system, but some others usually mix it with the Dewey decimal classification. So, do you know what parts of the call number mean and how are call numbers arranged on the shelves? Learning to understand these classification systems and their differences could be very useful to help you identify the resources you need much quicker such as books that you so desperately need today to write that research paper, the right encyclopedia for that class project, or even your favorite book. You can learn to read these call numbers by asking a librarian! They are very nice and could work you through the process.

Did you know that we have the tutoring centers in the library?
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One of these is the Academic Assistance Center, located down the hall, just on your left side as you enter through the main doors of the library. Another one, the Writing Center is located on the second floor of the library. You can use these resources if you need help with a particular subject area, also if you need a feedback for your paper due tonight, some study tips for your next test, or even to join a foreign language conversation group. All these academic support services are free for the use of students, just make your appointment and go rock that exam, assignment, or even project!

Did you know that you can reserve a study room in the library?
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Oh Yes!  You can definitely reserve any type of study rooms, the size of the rooms vary from a 1-person study room to a larger group study rooms that can accommodate more than 6 to 14 people. And, the nice thing is that you can reserve it for any length of time you want depending on the availability schedule of the room provided.  

Did you know that you could reserve and use lockers, both to secure and protect your computer as well as your luggages in the library?

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Hey Bud! From now on, you do not really have to carry out all these items with you! You can certainly go for that break without fearing any losses, of course if you do not have somebody looking after your items. Reserve a locker my friend. The library provides lockers to students, and they are located on the third floor of the library, near the University Archives. Not only that, you could also keep your laptop secured by checking out a laptop lock from the library front desk.
Did you know that you can use other ways to copy and print your documents in the library?

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Aside from using your lutecard or copycard to print or copy, there are several other ways you could use to copy or print your items! For instance, did you know that the photocopiers located down the hall just on your right as you enter through the main doors of the library can be used to scan and email printed documents for free? Also, have you even heard of the GoPrint Mobile app? Here is your chance to learn about it! With this app, you could print directly from your personal device to a selected GoPrint stations on campus. Stations have two locations on campus, Haley Computer lab in the Library, and Morken Center, open lab- room 114. With this app, no rushing anymore, you can print anytime. For more info about the GoPrint Mobile, you can follow these links:

Did you know that you can borrow movies, DVD’s, CD’s in the library?
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“If you are new, you might not know that you may borrow movies from the movie racks located on the first floor of the library, by the circulation desk. The good news is they are not just some old films that don't spark your interests. [Her] personal favorite? [She]'d say Inception. Look it up today and see what you can find!” – As my friend Shishi advised. Well, enjoy the movie collections then my friend! In addition to the movie collections, you could also borrow a bunch of DVD’s and videos, or even CD’s.

Did you know the borrowing, returning, and renewing policies at the library?
They are different set of rules designed to ensure that all students have assessed to the resources at the library. Thus, these rules differ based on the type of items that are check out using a library card. For instance, books can be borrowed for lengthy period of 28 days, could be renewed twice for 14 days each. DVD’s, CD’s, and other desired resources have also their borrowing period and number of renewal. However, if you do not comply with these rules, there are some late fines for return. For more info about these rules, follow this link:  

My friend, I hope you've enjoyed exploring with me the Library, and I hope also that knowing about these resources would be of a great help!

Good luck on the heavy loads! 
Your friend, 
Pape Mathioro Samba

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