Monday, June 17, 2013

What to do in Washington during the summer Pt.1-Strawberry Festival

Hi, this is Loana writing from Parkland! It's almost been a month since summer break started. Although a lot of my friends went home, some of my friends are staying around the PLU area during the summer.  There are still classes and events happening during the summer, so I don't feel completely lonely here!

Rainbow near PLU!
One series of events that are happening during the summer are the Fruit Festivals; the first one was the Strawberry Festival on June 11th. I met with Shishi there, and we got a really delicious strawberry treat for free! (The fruit themed sweets are given for free to students who have their PLU ID). There was also a band playing, and though it wasn't a big event, it was fun to eat good food and listen to good music.

Band at the Strawberry Festival

Scone, whipped cream, and strawberries :)

There is also the Raspberry Festival on July 10th and the Blueberry Festival on August 7th. If you're around the area, I recommend you check it out!

Lots of Love,

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