Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nursing Cookies :)

Hello all and welcome back

I know you guys are probably sitting in front of your computer and thinking that oh no, not again, not this nursing guy again :)

I promise I won't rant about my life as a stressful nursing student in this post.

Rather, I want to show you guys something I did with some of my nursing buddies.

That's right. Nursing cookies.

We made these to give to the nurses a hospital where we had our Medical/Surgical clinical rotation. I was assigned to be on the Cardiac Care Unit, so what's better than making heart shaped cookies? Am I right?

Anyways, welcome back to Spring 2014. I am currently doing my OB Clinical and I have so much to tell you guys about mothers and babies. But I guess you guys will have to wait for my next post.


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