Monday, February 11, 2013

Completing First-Year Requirements

Making new friends!!

     Hi there, this is Loana! J-term was a success; though I didn't really get to complete a required class for my major or general education, I got to learn some Norwegian. It was really fun to learn a new language! We had our finals for J-term on January 31st, and then we were free for a week. During J-term break, we welcomed 18 new international students to PLU campus!
     Spring classes started on February 6th. This semester I am taking Geology of Energy, British Literature, Writing 101, and PE 100. I'm especially excited about British Literature and Writing 101,  because I have the same professor for both classes, and I really enjoy her lectures and teaching style a lot. I guess I could say that I'm taking a short break from psychology classes this semester (not voluntarily of course). But I am glad that I get to take excellent classes to complete my general education requirements as a first-year student. I'm really excited for what this Spring term will bring!

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