Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's yet another J-Term

Hi, everyone!
I know it's 23 days overdue, but happy new year!
Ok, moving on.

So, J-Term. If you looked it up in the imaginary PLU dictionary, the definition would be: An intense month where your social life is temporarily taken away from you and replaced with books, some more books, topped with a few more books.
But, hey - both housing and the classes offered during J-Term as long as it's not more than 5 credits is free, so why wouldn't you take the opportunity? IT'S FREE, haha.

This J-Term, like last year's, I'm taking two classes; Education 320 - Issues of Child Abuse and Neglect (1 credit), and Communication 341 - Journalism and Conflict (4 credits).
It's a J-Term filled with tears from seeing pictures of abused children, and headaches from trying to resolve a conflict when it comes to journalism.
But, I wouldn't have had it another way this J-Term.

The Journalism and Conflict is somewhat special here at PLU because the professor teaching it, Dr. Joanne Lisosky, who I had last semester for my Communication 421 - Communication Law class, is actually using her own book for the class!
It's called War on Words: Who Will Protect Journalists? It's a great book, and Dr. Lisosky actually wrote it with a former PLU student in 2010!

The Conflict and Journalism class also attended a Conflict Resolution seminar last Thursday here at PLU, and I learned a lot about conflict sensitive reporting, as well as ways to approach a conflict, and above all, how to manage it.

Despite my crazy schedule, I love J-Term. (:


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