Friday, November 30, 2012

From Happy Thanksgiving to Miserable Final Days

Belated Happy Turkey's Day! Well, maybe it's not so true for those vegetarians. Turkeys sacrificed themselves for our happiness...a little tragic. But tradition is tradition. Let's deal with it:)

To begin with, I decided to go back to my American host family, so I had to bail on the Thanksgiving dinner with the President's family. PLU President Thomas  Krise had invited international students and domestic students who lived far away from home to his house to celebrate Thanksgiving. That was very kind of him. Later when I saw the pictures posted on PLU's Facebook page, I sort of regretted my decision. OH WELL, I had fun too! Check out the link at the end.

The bus and ferry ride was SUPER long. I left the campus at 9:45am Thursday morning but didn't get home until 1:10pm. At least the weather was nice to me, so that I didn't have to "dance" in the rain. Then I arrived home and got to play the roles of a long-lost daughter and auntie for about two days. And then I went on to visit another little "family" (my grandparents-like friends) who lived near by and spent another two days with them. While having so much fun relaxing at homes, I deeply realized that I had been a bad student who tended to ignore her homework. Can't do any homework when I''m NOT in the mood:)

A break is always nice, though I hope my life is a long break. IMPOSSIBLE. I know, but I just never got over it. So I, reluctantly, came back to school and studied, and studied, and studied. My second resident hall is called the library haha. 
Photographed by: Helene Sunde Johansen

There are two more weeks left for fall semester, which  makes a torture: papers go into piles and piles. Plus final exams. Even better! Though we ONLY have two more weeks left! So here is the motivation! Happy Final Days!!!!

*Here is the link for the photos:

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