Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dead Week has come upon us!

I think this picture says it all. This was me this Monday night where I pulled an all-nighter since I had a research paper in my Communication and Conflict class, and a 5-case Case Law Book for my Communication Law class that were both due this Tuesday.
I ended up with 14 and 16 pages, 30 pages in total. I was almost dead after that. But I guess that's why it's called Dead Week. eh? Ha...ha...ha...

For my research paper, I turned it in 2 minutes before the deadline, which is typial of me.
Hey, don't judge; I'm an aspiring journalist. Deadlines are my thing. I work best under pressure. ;)


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  1. Sure Lina! :D Just hope that we'll all survive at the end :P