Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Two weeks spent in the Library

Free coffee in the library!
Hi, this is Loana! Guess what? It's almost Christmas!! As much as I'm excited for the holiday cheer (Christmas movies, songs, snacks, parties) the last two weeks were the library. You know that feeling where something seems really close and far at the same time? Well, this is exactly how I felt about the last two weeks before Christmas break. Dead week was one of the hardest week of my life. I started out  having quiz, two papers, and a presentation, and ended the week with a research paper and music performance juries. Unfortunately, I'm a professional at procrastinating, and I ended up scrambling to finish those things barely before they were due. Then finals week came, and I shut myself in the library studying for the three exams I had. When I was done with my last history exam on Thursday, I was really relieved that I finally get to relax. I'm really glad that I had a successful first semester at PLU, and I'm hoping the rest of my time here will be as good as this one!

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