Wednesday, May 10, 2017


On Saturday April 22, PLU Business Plan Competition was held. I teamed up with Finn Kelln, Kyle Bendebel, and Felix Ye to challenge the venture competition in the middle of March. We had a fabulous idea, good plan, and fitting market trend. Finn and I worked on research and general business cases, and Kyle and Felix took in charge of computer technique and editing sample of prototype. We all put all our passion and effort to win the competition not for the prize but for actualization after real investment. On the day of competition, we presented very well, received good feedbacks, and got defeated totally. There were many other good ideas which were able to be initiated right away. There was a PLU alumna who came to Tacoma from New York to participate in this competition, and she was a professional.

We did not get any place, but it was an instructive experience. There was a lot of things that we could learn throughout our work and feedbacks from investors. We were given a time to have conversation with investors, one of the investors gave us a lecture for 30 minutes. Moreover, we could receive their personal contact. What we learned from the whole process of the business competition was much greater than the prize. The failure of our first attempt became stronger motivation, and we are going to prepare more for next year business competition.

If you have any venture idea, try! Challenge yourself for the competition! I promise you that it will benefit you much more than you may expect. 

Cho Cheong Wun

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