Monday, May 8, 2017

Senior Capstone Presentation

My senior capstone presentation for my Political Science major is tomorrow night, and I am finally becoming more excited to present. Since I printed and submitted my Capstone paper last Thursday, I have had a few days to craft a presentation and practice my speech. This presentation is suppose to be the highlight of my research as a political science undergraduate student, so I want to ensure that this presentation is taken as seriously as possible.

I will be presenting in Xavier Hall in room 201, which is a large lecture hall that some call the 'Harry Potter room' because of its elegant decorating. On the night of the presentations, students, faculty and fellow presenters will fill the room for two hours of presentations. 

My faculty advisor is Dr. Michael Artime, and he explained to our class that he wants this night be a celebrations of the 'great research we have done throughout our time at PLU'. 

The research I will be presenting on is titled 'Fear of the Other's News: What the Death of Martin McGuinness Means for Legacy Politics in Northern Ireland'. My project addresses the complexities of politically-aligned media and the affect those media outlets can have on divided communities. I am excited about this research because it links to my study away experience in Northern Ireland that I had last spring. I study at Queen's University Belfast through an approved program of PLU. 

This presentation is one of my last assignments before graduation in 18 days! Hopefully the night runs smoothly & I will be one step closer to graduation.


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