Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Break & Friend's Visit

Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Break & Friend's Visit

The greatest healing therapy is the friendship.

I would like to share with you guys about my journey last week.

Because I took a J-term class, I had a short winter break. At the end of the J-term, I was little stressed out and needed something to refresh my mind. I had a short conversation with my friend by chance and asked my friend to come over my place. He actually came over to America from Korea 5 days after the conversation was done.

Within the five days, he made his new passport and issued new VISA. I so much appreciated that he made it happen. I can tell that Kim, my friend, is super initiative.

Our trip was all about foods because we are foodies. In addition to that, my friend Kim is a chef, so having a good food at a fine restaurant is always enjoyable for him. One of the favorite restaurants we have been is Duke's Chowder House, which has awarded several times at the Seattle Chowder Competition. We had all different kinds of chowders they have and other seafood cuisines. We , though, could not finish these all.

The point of the journey is that ...
I have refreshed my mind completely although I have just started stressing little bit because I am back in my real life. However, I am also happy to be back to school and study because learning what you want to learn is as fruitful as how tough it is. I am looking forward to the next journey to let  my stress go far away.

Friendship is the gift. Be pleased with people around you and build a good friendship. Friends are the healers, potentials, and gifts.

Last point is the foods. Along the West Coast, there are so many great restaurants that you do not want to miss. My tongue does not remember the taste but my tummy, so I think I need to go again.

- Cho Cheong Wun

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