Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Very Last Semester

The campus is filled with blossoms. The flowers are flourishing. People are full of laughter. The sun is shining. It is spring an unusual one, but wonderful. Foss field is cramped. Everyone is trying to catch some Vitamin-D before the clouds move back in. One group is missing. Where are the seniors? Well, I can tell you.

Without doubt the last semester has been the hardest one. Not because of school. School is fine. Even if one’s upper level classes complemented by the Capstone project keep one busy, it is most likely not the main concern of a senior. Next to one’s girlfriend, social activities and sports, which seem to take second priority during the senior year, one task is of significant priority. Resolving uncertainty. What will I do after graduation? Work, travel, or simply chill? Whereas the latter is unlikely, the other two sound tempting. Finding a job is a challenging pathway with ups and downs and many rocks on the way. Keep your head up! Do not give up! Commit to those principles and you WILL find a job. 

The grass on the other side is always greener. For many it is the switching point between academia and the business world. How fast does the switch have to be made? I sincerely believe that traveling is another viable option after graduation to find oneself and prepare for the job world. Of course some funds would be helpful. However, traveling is not a pleasure reserved for the wealthy. Travel and work become another attractive options to those who do not fall into this category. Widen one’s horizon, create a feeling for different cultures, and develop an understanding that the world is bigger than all of us are essential life lessons to learn. Maybe your education is not done yet…

Whatever you decide to do after college, stay true to yourself, and be a Lute: take our principles and inject them into the world! Do something great with your life, you only got one.  


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