Thursday, April 21, 2016

Seattle, what to see and what to do

I am a big, no, HUGE fan of Seattle. In the past 3.5 years, this city really grew on me and I've been able to explore a lot of nice places. Here are some recommendations for you when visiting the city of the Seahawks and Sounders.

Pike Place Market
The water fountain close to the Space Needle
Besides being one of the main touristic spots, Pike Place Market is a great place to hang out with friends, buy some fruits, veggies and snacks. Or you can just find a seat at one of the restaurants and people watch for some hours. I've been there really often but still stop by whenever visiting the city.

Space Needle
It's one of those places you should go to at least once when in this area, and after that you don't have to go anymore. It's a nice tower with a great view if you go up on a good non- cloudy day. Around the Space Needle they build a park with a big water fountain. That's really cool to visit on a nice sunny day and try to touch the center part.

Discovery Park
If you are not enjoying the big city too much, there's a great park to hike, sit on the beach and enjoy nature. There is a hike of about 3-5 miles around the whole park, which is long enough for me. There's several viewpoints with a great view on the different islands across Seattle.

Kerry Park
One of my personal favorites. From this park you get an amazing view of the city and of Mt. Rainier. It is also the place where all the pictures are taken on the post cards and the search engine if you look for pictures of Seattle.

Kerry Park

China Town
I never go to Seattle without visiting China Town or International District. There is so much good food, and great bubble tea (I have to admit, I hated it the first time I drank it, but got sort of addicted to it now). One of my favorite places to eat is Dim Sum restaurant Harbor City. If you eat there with a big group of people and order all sorts of different dishes to try, it only costs you about $5-10.

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