Sunday, February 8, 2015

Starting My Senior Year

First of all, welcome to all the new students who have joined us for the Spring 2015 semester! We kicked off our Spring 2015 orientation with the Superbowl, which was extremely exciting. Although orientation was very jam-packed and busy, it was great getting to meet the new students. I'm so excited to get to know this lovely group better throughout the Spring semester!

After completing J-term, I finally kick-started my senior year with two full semester left to go. This means that I will get to work on my senior Capstone project this semester. As a psychology major, I will be researching the effects of culture (specifically the difference between American and Japanese students) and gender on attachment transfer. I'm quite excited about doing this research, and I will talk about it more as I get into the semester! I am also taking two sociology classes to complete my sociology minor: Introduction to Sociology and Crime and Society. I'm especially excited about Crime and Society, since it will definitely be related to what I want to do with my future career. Although I will be finishing my time at PLU a bit quicker than I originally expected, I'm excited to make the best out of the time I have left here!

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