Thursday, November 27, 2014

My last fall visit day was bittersweet

Dear friends,

Only three more weeks! Then we can start packing for home to spend the holidays with our loving family. I haven't decided where to go this year, but I won't be able to make it home to China for sure. A fleeting glance, I realized that I have spent two years at PLU. It was long enough for me to finish my degree. But it was not long enough for me to say goodbye.

Last Friday, I helped set up the very last Fall Visit Day I'll ever attend. I had a great time, as always. 

This year's Visit Day was not as big as the previous years in terms of the number of students who attended the event, but we were able to connect with a European club from Green River Community College and also two students from Pierce College.

This year we also tried a new activity to serve the purpose of the campus tour, which we called Photo Scavengerhunt. Students who came were divided into three groups to compete with each other. Each group was provided with a campus map and a list of signature buildings on campus with short descriptions.

Gum Tree
The students were to locate where the buildings were, find the locations, and take pictures in front of the locations. Accompanied by the typical autumn rain, each group tried to complete the task within an hour. The winner who found the most of the locations won and of course they got prizes at then end. It was a new thing we decided to experiment this year. So far I have not heard any major complaints. So perhaps this can be a keeper for next year's event as well. As long as we don't get pouring rain, it is always a fun adventure exploring the campus in the dark.

Giant Slug
Glass art in the music building. I kind of reminded them to look up... 
Morken stairs. We were being followed by another group LOL
During dinner, some mentioned that PLU had much better food options compared to their college. I won't say who, but that comment made me smile :)

Then it was Global Getdown. An annual talent show held by the students. Many were great performances. The last few dances were brought by some authentic Mexican dancers. There were in traditional clothes and danced happily. I think we all had a blast.

Anyway, that was the end. It didn't feel real to me. But as I watched everyone getting into the van that was sending them home, I waved my goodbye. See you later maybe. And I hope you all a bright future.


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