Friday, December 5, 2014

Let's talk about FOOD! Well, more like let's talk about The Commons @ the AUC.

Hello Lutes and everyone else!

How has your week been? Some of the words that many might relate to are words like hectic, sleep-deprived and stressed.

Finals week is just around the corner and I'm sure everyone's preparing hard for this final battle!

Let's forget about all that for a while and talk about something that usually motivates people and enlightens moods.

FFFFFOOOOOODDDDDD! Not any food, PLU FOOD! Specifically, Food @ The Commons.

I had the pleasure of interviewing The Commons Student Manager, John Pham. He was nice enough to offer about 20 minutes of his time on a busy day at the cafe.

We chatted about how things worked at The Commons, how menus are prepared, feedback and improvements.

What are some of your day-to-day tasks/duties as a student manager?

  • Making sure that people show up.
  • Scheduling shifts. 
  • Running the service area.
  • Ensuring that stocks, ingredients, supplies etc. are adequate. 
  • Delegating tasks during shifts.
  • Maintaining a supervisory role.

Then we talked about food and related issues/items. 

  • Head chefs would decide menus for the year.
  • Feedback from everyone is welcomed and in fact, encouraged.
  • They do listen to what we want!
  • Our happiness is their main priority :)
  • There are dining committee meetings (panels) that are open to all students.
  • So if you want to voice an opinion or talk about food quality, choices etc. be sure to catch these meetings!
  • Menus for the week are posted online on the Commons webpage! Go to the PLU webpage and search for The Commons, or, just click here.
Anddddd.... Something we could all do to help out at The Commons.

  • Always remember to clean up after ourselves!
  • Bring your own dishes back to the machine that moves like a conveyor belt.. Apparently it's called the accumulator. 
  • Currently low on custodial staff so please remember to help out a bit in cleaning!
  • Oh and also, if you're not sure about recyclables, just put it on the accumulator. 
So, that's about it. Thanks again John, for your time.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you've learnt a bit more about The Commons, our main food provider on campus. 

Have a great weekend and take care always!


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