Saturday, November 22, 2014

Experiencing Different Cultures with Around the World

Around the World is an event that happens every year during International Education Week. In this event, students have the opportunity to share their home culture or the culture of a place they have studied away in the past. This allows PLU students to be immersed in different cultures and experience new things such as food and music, and even learn new things about a country that they may not have known about before.

This year, we had students representing Denmark, Norway, France, Morocco, Sweden, China, and Thailand. The Danish table was teaching students how to make Julehjeter (Christmas hearts) and were jamming out to Danish music. The Swedish table introduced students to some facts about Sweden through a short quiz (this wasn't easy!). The Chinese table served some dumplings, which were very tasty! The Moroccan table served a mint tea that smelled and tasted really good. Each of the tables brought a unique aspect to the event. I'm really glad that I got to spectator to  Around the World this year again, and I'm excited to see what will be done for this event next year!

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