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Scandinavian Club

Since I founded the Scandinavian Club in Fall 2012 it has grown and become a bigger functioning club on campus. This year I have been the club's Vice President which has been extremely fulfilling and rewarding in many ways. I have met many new people with an interest in Scandinavia and helped them meet Scandinavian students who want to swap culture experiences. Starting a new club has given me experience in leadership, event planing and management. PLU has incredibly many clubs and organizations, if you cannot find one that suits you, you could always make your own!

Here are some of the things we have done this semester!

The Scandinavian Study Abroad Panel
Wang Center and Scandinavian Club hosted "The Students of Scandinavia" panel! Six PLU students discussed their study abroad experience and answered questions about their experience in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland! Students who showed up were very interested in learning more about a potential study destination and the student panel enjoyed hearing about each others experiences. All in all a night full of laughter and good memories.

Scandinavian Club's Snow Hike
The Scandinavian Club went on a snowy adventure in cooperation with PLU's Outdoor Recreation and International Admission. We had a great time playing in the snow, building snowmen and throwing snowballs! A big thank you goes out to our tour guides for putting up with snow-crazed Scandinavians!

Outdoor recreation strives to serve students and the rest of the PLU community through providing weekend trips, educational opportunities, integrated course curriculum and on-campus programming. Trips are available to ALL students, staff and faculty and are designed to incorporate low-budget needs. Trips are guided by trained student volunteers and you can see them around campus after a great trip! Trips may include biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, camping, fishing, river floating, bonfires and backpacking!

Find more info about OR here: 

Global Get-Down Performance
The Club cooperated with Hong's Norwegian wing (and other wings) to put on a performance of epic proportions, The Fox dance. :"What does the fox say!" has been on my mind ever since. The performance when smoothly for the little practice that we had and gained us many compliments afterwards. There is a video somewhere, maybe I can find a link for it!

Danish Cultural Night
Scandinavian Club hosted Danish Cultural Night in the Hong main lounge and it was a great success. Anne and Julie, two of our danish students helped us make dozens of delicious aebleskivers, which were accompanied by Danish Christmas music and movies, while the visitors discussed Christmas traditions. 

I wanted to include this comment made by one of the PLU students that attended the event! It pretty much sums up what we want to accomplish through the Scandinavian Club! Spreading Scandinavian culture to students who might not otherwise be exposed. 

Sankta Lucia Fest
The Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University presented it's traditional Sankta Lucia Fest on Dec. 6. The event was sponsored by IKEA (Lucia applicants also sang at IKEA on Dec. 7 and at two local retirement homes). The Scandinavian Club had a Swedish meatball dinner before the Fest began!
PLU Students enjoying Swedish Dinner!
For more than 60 years, one PLU student has been chosen to represent the spirit of Lucia, a female saint venerated in Sweden for bringing light and hope during the darkest month of the year. This year's celebration is led by several outstanding PLU students, one of whom will be crowned PLU’s Lucia and receive a $500 scholarship.

For this particular Lucia Fest we had four visiting students from Green River Community College join us from their European Club. Two of them were Swedish and I think they really enjoyed the Swedish songs!
Part of the group at Sankta Lucia!
Thank you!
The club would not function nearly as well without our Club President Hallie and our PR Manager Kindra! I also want to thank out faculty advisor Professor Gunn, the SCC Directer Elisabeth Ward and Professor Berguson for their help and support! They are the best and contribute so much to the club! Thank you guys so much! We are looking forward to next semester already!

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