Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas at PLU

Though many students have been panicking and scrambling around to turn in papers and assignments during Dead Week...the Holiday season is here! As it gets closer to Christmas, many students have started to decorate their rooms with Christmas trees and lights, Christmas music is playing in the Market, and the holiday cheer is spreading among students who are excited for Winter Break. PLU has its own way of celebrating Christmas.

As Madeleine mentioned last week, the Scandinavian Club hosted a Swedish dinner before joining the rest of PLU for Santa Lucia. There was also a Norwegian Christmas service that happened, and there is a excellent Christmas concert every year at PLU! (I unfortunately couldn't go because the tickets were sold out very quickly, but I hope I can go next year!)

If you live on-campus in the Residence Halls, most halls have a holiday dinner! Hinderlie Hall had theirs on Monday, December 9th in Xavier (the psychology building) with tasty mac&cheese, salad, fruits, bread, and a holiday cake!

There are also many Christmas decorations that go up around campus. The admissions building has put up wreaths on several of the doors, and there is a big Christmas tree in Red Square! It looked especially nice after it snowed on Tuesday, December 10th.

Good luck to all PLU students who have finals, and I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!

Swedish Dinner in Hong Hall
Snow around the Christmas tree
Christmas sweaters! 

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