Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Life As An RA

Hinderlie/Hong staff!
Hi everyone! The first week of school just got done, and I am really excited for this semester. However, this week does not only mark the first week of classes, but also the first week at my job as an RA (Resident Assistant) at Hinderlie Hall. This means that I help out my residents who live in my wing whenever they need something like help with room mate conflicts, campus resources, etc. I'm really excited for this job not only because I have great residents, but also because the RAs whom I am working with this year are fantastic! As an RA in Hinderlie Hall, I also work a lot with the staff of Hong Hall (check out all the residence halls here! We work a lot, but we also love having fun together!

Both first year students and returning students moved back to campus on September 5th. By 8:45 am, I already saw lines of first year students waiting outside the door and eager to check out their new home! It was really exciting for me to check students in and meet new faces. It was also nice to check in the returning students and see some familiar faces throughout the day. Though it was a long process and busy day I enjoyed every moment of it, and I know this school year will definitely be an exciting one!

Love, Loana
Taking a breather on move-in day!

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