Friday, April 12, 2013

Hiking in Washington

So how was everyone's Spring Break?

I read those posts by Loana and Madeleine and I am super jealous.

I had to work for 4 days over the break so I couldn't go out of stage. I went on facebook and almost everyone posted about what they were doing for the break and everything seemed awesome. So I couldn't just go to work and go home. After all, it was my break, my Spring Break, and I had to do something fun.

So I went hiking twice within one week.

First I went to the Rattlesnake Ridge. It took us about an hour to get there and that place is beautiful. There was some snow and it was a little slushy. The snow actually helped cooling us down.
Look at that view

And I had a Vietnamese sandwich on the way up :)

Then our second hike was at Lake Serene. This place is a little further than Rattlesnake Ridge. It's about an hour and a half away from PLU. The trail is steeper and scarier than the first one.

It is about 4 miles to the Lake and we wanted to get there since everyone said that the lake is beautiful. We couldn't make it since there was too much snow and I am not even kidding, at one point, the trail looked like a giant slide covered with snow. We didn't have hiking shoes on, we wore running shoes and we could slip and fall easily so we decided to hike back. However, here's some picture of the Lake Serene trail for you guys.

On the way there

You can't see my face here but yup, that's me. We ended up having lunch here. The fresh air and the sound of the water falls made everything seem peaceful. I will definitely come back here in the summer

And just another selfie :)

I hope everyone had fun over the break. If you are into hiking, let me know. Maybe next time we can go together.

Last but not least

42 days till summer...

Best regards,

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