Friday, March 8, 2013

Sick away from home

Starting to look like Spring!
Hi again!! This is Loana :) I'm pretty satisfied right now; it's starting to finally look like Spring, and the sun is out. However a week ago, I was not a happy camper. I got strep throat for the first time. It's actually the first time that I got sick after I came to PLU, so I was pretty miserable; I had a sore throat, my nose was like a fountain, I had a constant headache, and I couldn't eat (doesn't that just sound lovely?). So what do you do when you're really sick while you're at college and not at home? Here are some advices that I came up with after my experience:

1. Go to the health center. This is the reason why PLU requires students to get insurance. The people in the health center are really helpful and nice, and it's definitely good to get the right medicine when you get sick.

2. Tell your roommate (or friend) that you're sick. If your roommate hasn't figured it out, they should know. If you're sick, you're really in no condition to walk around outside to get things. During the 3 days that I was really sick, my roommate and friends brought me saltine crackers and gatorade, and that really helped.

3. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. I know this is common sense, but it's really important. I especially recommend the mint tea found in the UC Commons. Gatorade is really good too, but make sure that you have plenty of water in your dorm room.

4. Communicate with your professors. Since I was really sick, I obviously wasn't able to go to my classes. But it's really important to communicate with your professors that you are sick. Most of the time they are really understanding, and would give you extensions on assignments or meet with you to catch up on work that you missed.

Go Sounders!! 
I got better by Friday, and was able to attend classes. Though I'm still scrambling around trying to catch up on missed work, I feel way better-it was definitely a learning experience! And as a reward for getting better, I was able to enjoy the Seattle Sounders game (Seattle's soccer team) on Saturday with my friends!

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