Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An imaginary monologue draws out real emotions--- A week at PLU

Imaginary friend: Hi Shi-shi! Long time no see. How have you been?

Shi-shi: Hi dear! I have been busy with...

Imaginary friend: With school! Always :D Is life treating you all right? How do you enjoy PLU?

[...OK here Shi-shi goes...]

Shi-shi: Life has been giving me surprises. Everyday is different. And I am so thankful that I made a right choice by coming to PLU.

[Shi-shi's friends from her past always ask her similar questions whenever she go back to see them. Her response remains the same. She always tells them that she very much enjoys her life here at PLU. Well, she IS working for the admission office, but this is NOT the reason why she says nice things about the school. She chooses to work there without anyone forcing her to. Deep inside her heart, she truly likes being in PLU, a supportive community rather than competitive, especially after going through a very emotional week. Let's take a look at the journals she kept.

Day 1, March 11th 
As a student and a future employee, I must turn in assignments on time. Lesson learned. 
When I knew I couldn't finish my homework before the due time yesterday, I shot Professor Harney an email, kindly reminding her that I would be turning in my assignment a little past the due time. I also begged for a grace period, so it wouldn't hurt my grade. 

Next day morning, she came to me, sat down, and explained to me the importance of meeting deadlines in both academic and professional world."Failing to meet a deadline prevents others from moving forward," She said to me. "You will only get half credit." Though it might sound harsh, I appreciate that she had this sincere talk with me. I made a promise to myself after our conversation: Tardiness is not tolerated. I would never be late again. Today, I am feeling firm.

Day 2, March 12th
I am just not that into history. And if I have not mentioned, I am taking a history-heavy religion course this term, Medieval Christianity. 
I finally got a grasp of what the class was mainly about in class today, after 6 weeks. Do you see how much I struggle now? Well, I am getting better for sure.

Frankly, however, I enjoy being in this class. Oftentimes, I sit in the classroom with a big smile on my face. That being said, I am basically saying, "I have no clue what you are talking about right now, Dr. Ihssen. But I still love being here."  

I think she is very interesting lady in religion department. She has her own opinions about Christianity, but at the same time, she acknowledges and appreciates different viewpoints. I think students feel rather comfortable being taught by her because she values our thoughts and perceives our values. Lecturing by Dr. Ihssen also feels like watching a talk show, I never feel bored! She is filled with emotions, which are expressed thoroughly through facial expressions and body languages. Today, I am feeling happy.

Day 3, March 13th
What?! Can I be an intern in Disney?! I would be thrilled to work in that dream world!
When I found out that there are internship opportunities in Disney world,Florida. I told myself that I had to apply! But because I am already a junior, I need to make a careful graduation plan around this internship. I decided that I should talk to my adviser, Joanne Lisosky, before making any decisions.

Joanne, an amazing woman, the most intelligent and inspiring professor I have ever met. It is my honor to have her advising me in college. I asked her whether or not it was worth it to go for this intern. She said yes. But that was not the end of the conversation. Joanne continued by sharing with me her personal experiences when she was in school. She was a go getter and passionate about trying new things. "I didn't have the fear of failing," she looked directly into my eyes. "Because I knew that I was not perfect. Even if I failed, I knew that it would be a story...everything is about stories!" My tears rolled out of my eyes while she was telling me that. It was the optimism and enthusiasm she had for life that moved and inspired me... I learned not to let the fear of failing control me, with knowing that I am imperfect just like everyone else. 

I always, always leave Joanne's office with something she teaches me. Perhaps she has so much to give, but I believe I just have so much to learn. Today, I am feeling confident.

Day 4, March 14th
The Father Tryphon experience in my religion class. He visited our class, gave a speech, and answered questions we had about monasticism.

Photographed by Brenda Ihssen
Image Source: From Madeleine Brekke

As you can see in the picture, the white beared guy, standing in the very back of the classroom, is the abbot of the monastery, which is located on scenic Vashon Island (about 15 minutes ferry ride from Tacoma. We call him Father Tryphon, or Dumbledore in secret...

Who he is doesn't matter too much, but what he told us during his visit allowed me to reconsider what it means to be one of the many human beings alive. The things he addressed in his speech touched my heart. "Everyone is struggling, but it's easy to feel that you're the only one who is suffering," He spoke to us softly. "There are values in suffering." It helps us to be better equipped, He said. "Your weaknesses are going to be your strengths." I am sure what he believes are full of common sense, but it is nice to have someone to walk us through basic level in life again and remind us about those beliefs. Today, I am feeling peaceful.

This is the end of the journal. It's time for me to wrap it up and say bye-bye. Please feel free to leave comments. Shi-shi is willing to talk about anything that you would like to know about PLU. Now...are you all ready for a quote?

"Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect."

---JK Rowling


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  1. I love this post. And you have to do that Internship at Disney. I have friends who did it before and they said that it was the best thing they had ever done in College. Do it while you can :)