Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Sunny day in Port Orchard

Hi! It's been a while since I have posted a blog - my summer has been really busy working on my job-hunting, while I was helping my parent'sjob.Well, what a surprise - the beautiful Northwest landscape with the blue sky welcomed back us at the beginning of Fall. I was expected to see the gloomy weather(which is actually started to begin this week) but last couple weeks were different. I love the nature, I was surprised how the fresh air make feel us so grateful. I would say, greater Seattle/Tacoma area have a variety of recreation that allow us to explore the nature.

I will tell you the story about the visit to the town called Port Orchard to see my friend, Kelsi on the other day. She's been a really good friend of mine; we share so many experiences within my college life! Port Orchard is about an hour away from PLU, located in the west of Seattle Part, easily accessible to the Vashon Island and Seattle. (For more visit info visit :

Her parents took me to the boat by water-front within 20 min away from their home. There were so many families enjoy reading, tanning and having a good time, and so did we. Her father took us to by the water then he enthusiastically showed me his favorite place, a boat - including a tiny table, the desk lump and the tiny cushions around. He's been served in the U.S Navy for more than 30 years and told us many interesting stories.

I was laying down on the boat and looking at the beautiful sky in Port Orchard. After that I and Kelsi have been to a couple of stores around such as an antique store, a cafe, and the candy store(which sells one of the best ginger candy!) In the candy store, there were a variety of candies and chocolates. My favorite was the coconut flavored dark chocolate and the ginger candies. well it was interesting enough to see all kinds of sweets in a classical tiny town.

We had a good time spending time together, and lord, we saw the two deers running around the road on the way back --- That's why I love Washington --- Great people and nature exploring. Now I am writing this in the library seeing the vividly colored leaves on the top of the trees; thinking of where i am going to be after my graduation ...


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