Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Memory of my 2011 summer holiday

Hello everyone, I am back. It was so fun to spend my summer holiday with my parents and friends. It was so fun to meet with my PLU professor Vidya Thirumurthy in Beijing. I was so glad to introduce Chinese culture and history to foreigners, especially someone I know. My parents were very excited to see my professor even they could not communicate in English -  it is a Chinese tradition that parents prefer to talk with teachers in order to know on a deeper level the situation of their kids in school. Even though they could not talk, they felt very good to sit together, and I could tell by their facial appearance that they were pleased.

I also went to lots of places to hang out with my boyfriend's family. I learned a lot from my summer trip. My dad would often tell me it would be a waste your time and money if you did not learn anything when you are traveling. So I try to search information before I go to each place. I try to know its past history and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I very enjoyed my 2011 summer holiday. Let me share my happy moments with you guys.

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