Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keep a grateful heart forever!

I am so excited that I will back Beijing next month. I did not go back home for about 2 years. I miss my parents and friends. I will tell them my story of PLU. The story I will tell them is totally different from my first time back home. I remember I told them PLU is tiny with an old building style campus. It was not what I imaged. I hated to stay here for longer. The food was unsavory. I hated local students who didn't want with me in a group. Even right now I am laughing at myself about what I said before. Those were my initial emotions about PLU. Everything changed during these two years. Though PLU has a tiny campus, it warms me so much. It includes all the facilities that students need.

First, the writing center is a good place for international student to revise their paper errors. It helped me on different homework papers. Then the Academic Assistance Center, it is good place to find a tutor help you resolve problems you have. I am using my Psy tutor to help me prepare the exam each time. The library is a very nice place to study. Students are very nice and have a high quality. I've previously lost a flash drive, mouse, wallet, student ID in the library. Every time I could find them from the Help Desk in the lib. I love lib so much.

Even though the food is not my favorite, the snacks of the old market in the University Cafeteria are good. They sell some instant noodles and Yogurt. I also have a few local friends that make happy. On my birthday, all of them said happy birthday to me. Even there are few words, but I felt very warm at that moment. I can not stop talking my professor over here, all of my communication professors are so nice, they do care about international students such as myself. They gave me extra time to take quizzes or exams. I can not name every professor because of all of them are nice.

My advisor Abigail is also a nice person for me - she cares my life and study. She helped me to register what classes I need to take each semester. One of my education 205 professors always let me talk every class time. She knew I need to practise to speak in class. Each time she just called my name and let me talk. That class is the most that I have talked so far. My literature 213 professor read my papers before I turned them in. All the professor I have met at PLU are the best professors.  Thanks for all my professors who have taught me and will teach me. I learned a lot not only in my study but also in my life. Keep a grateful heart forever! LOVE PLU!

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