Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break : wow, exciting! This is my first sense of this holiday. It is time to relax a while and hang out with my friends. I already planned where I go before spring break. I might just have 3 times to spend spring break in the United States so I cherish this time very much. I try to travel to some places around here. This spring break I will probably go to Woodburn (not sure). It is located in Oregon. I went there several times before. It is a big shopping place. The main reason I love to go there is NO TAX! Before summer holiday is the greatest time to go shopping there. I will be back China this June so I need to buy some gifts for my family members and friends. It is a cool place to go! I'll show you the picture which I took before. One last thing I need to say "Pray for Japan"!!!


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