Sunday, April 24, 2022

Earth Day 2022!

Hey everyone, it's Rei!

April 22nd was Earth Day! Yay! It is a day to think about the earth and the environment, and to appreciate our beautiful natural environment. Since I am taking the Conservation of the Natural Resources class, I just learned something about our planet, and I would like to share some ideas about Earth Day and how to celebrate the day. The day itself has passed, but it is okay to celebrate at any time, no matter when!

History & Purpose of Earth Day

Earth Day was first proposed by UNESCO in 1969. The following year, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson called for a "rally to discuss environmental issues" and declared April 22, the day the rally was held, to be Earth Day.

There is no set format or rules for Earth Day. Each person is free to act according to his or her own ideas. If you think about the Earth and the environment even a little, and get involved in an activity that you can related to, no matter how big or small, you can call it an Earth Day-like activity.

3 Ideas for the Earth Day

1. Plant something!

Trees have many benefits, including not only keeping you cool (together they can lower city temperatures  up to 10 degrees), but also cleaning the air and producing lots of oxygen. Plant one beside a sunny window in your dorm or in garden in your house. Planting your own fruits and vegetables is also good for your health and saves you a few trips to the grocery stores and reduces fossil fuel emissions. I have fake plants in my room right now because sometimes I am lazy to water them, but I should use this as an opportunity to grow a real plants.

2. Join some clubs!

GREAN (Grass Roots Environmental Action Now) is one of the student clubs that organizes environmentally conscious activities. The club held a special event called "Invasive Species Removals" for the Earth Day. In addition, the club is involved in a variety of other environmental initiatives on a regular basis. The group holds meetings for students on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm in Hong 246A!

šŸ“Birrieria Tijuana Lakewood

3. Appreciate the beauty and wonder of our planet              

    Most important!!               

It is a good opportunity to think about and appreciate the planet and all that is in it what we are able to live on now. I went out for Mexican food (pictures below) and had tacos filled with vegetables, and we realized how amazing the earth is for being able to grow such a wide variety of vegetables!

I hope the information above is helpful! The theme for Earth Day 2022 was "Invest in Our Planet." It can seem challenging to work on sustainability as an individual, but all it takes to make an investment is to continually move forward. Let's use this as an opportunity to gradually choose to be sustainable. And when you feel you've made it, move to the next step!      
-- Rei

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