Saturday, October 12, 2013

4 Great Things About Being A Psychology Major

Happy October! The first month of school went by really quickly! I realized that I never really talked about the things I get to do as a Psychology Major, so let me tell you 4 things that I really like about studying psychology at PLU.

1. Interesting classes- Although Psychology 101 (Intro to Psychology) teaches you the general concepts in psychology, the specialized psychology courses at PLU take you through concepts from  different perspectives. For example, I took Cultural Psychology last year, which taught me the cultural differences in the ways people think and behave. Currently, I'm taking Psychology of Women, which is mainly discussion based and goes over the psychological differences with women.

2. Contributing to real-life research- In my stats class, we are working on a survey project where we collect surveys from participants and write a research paper. What's cool about this project you ask? We have three projects that we can choose from, and two of these projects contribute to real-life research. So we not only get to do this for class, but we are also contributing to real-life research by being
part of great opportunities like this!

Xavier in the snow!
3. Great professors- So far out of the psychology classes I've taken at PLU, I've never had a professor that wasn't helpful or knowledgable. I have visited them during their office hours with questions about class or about my future, and they are always willing to help.

4. The psychology building- A lot of the psychology classes happen at Xavier. What I love about the building is the big classroom. It looks like something that would be in in Harry Potter!

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