Sunday, July 21, 2013

What to do in Washington during the summer Pt.2- Seattle Pride 2013 and July 4th

Hi, I hope you all are having a good summer! I certainly have been. Although I have been studying and working a lot, it's been nice because I've also had time to relax and have some fun.

           One big event that happened in Seattle that I went to was Seattle Pride 2013. I went with several PLU students to watch the parade and participate in the events that were happening at the Seattle Center after the parade. Since I've never experienced anything like that in Japan, I'm really glad that I went for the new experience, but also to witness people celebrating diversity. The whole day was really exciting, and to top that off, the weather was absolutely amazing! I've never been to a parade like that, so I'm happy that I got to enjoy this event with friends.
Seattle Pride 2013

Fireworks in Steilacoom

           I also watched fireworks on July 4th in Steilacoom. Though I have celebrated Independence Day in America before, this was a completely different experience from what I experienced before because I mostly spent time with friends. We walked around the waterfront in Steilacoom and enjoyed the beautiful view in the area, and then we watched the fireworks later during the night. Though I do miss being back in Japan a lot, I've been enjoying spending time in Washington and doing things that I normally wouldn't experience back at home. I hope everyone continues to have a great summer, and enjoy the warm weather!

The group

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