Monday, September 24, 2012

First Semester at PLU

Hi, this is Loana! I started classes three weeks ago at PLU, and though they have been challenging I've been having a lot of fun! I'm currently taking HIST 260 (Early Modern European History), MUSI 103 (History of Jazz), and PSYC 335 (Cultural Psychology).

HIST 260 is really cool because the professor really enjoys what he teaches. So far, we've learned about the Renaissance printing press, impact of gunpowder in Europe, and the impacts of humanism on current education. We also get to look at Renaissance art once in a while during classes, and that's a lot of fun :)

MUSI 103 is taught by the jazz band director. He's a piano player, so he uses the piano to demonstrate different key ideas in jazz. I've also gotten some education outside of the classroom; there was a required gig at The Swiss in downtown Tacoma. It was really cool to be able to apply what I learned in class to actual music!

PSYC 335 has been really interesting. Since the professor is Japanese, I've been able to relate to some of the example that he gives of Japanese culture. It's been challenging because most of the students who are taking that class are juniors and seniors, but it's been a learning experience for me to rise up to the challenge. I'm really hoping that this class will help me grow.

Besides studying I've spent a lot of time practicing music and spending time with friends. I've also gone to Seattle the last two weekends. During my first trip, I went to the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum). I definitely recommend it! During my second trip, I visited the international district, and bought a lot of Japanese food and drinks! Well, I'm excited to be here, and hope everyone has a great week!


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