Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Things You Don't Know about PLU

1. W.M. Keck Observatory

Located on lower campus by the soccer field, there is a humble building sitting on the pavement. This small building with a cupola is the W.M. Keck Observatory, mainly used by PLU students in the Introductory Astronomy course and sometimes for public viewing. I didn't discover this place until this summer following the Jazz Under the Stars summer concerts. It was a beautiful night, and I got to peek through a telescope the first time at the Keck Observatory.

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2. Bike Co-op

Sitting in the basement of Harstad Hall, you will find the PLU Bike group. Serveries they provide include tune-ups, repairs, tools and an air compressor for use as well as tubes and other basic parts for sale. Apparently you can also rent a bike, which costs $50 per semester.

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3. Cup Credits at OMM

Just in case you haven't heard, PLU is working hard to be sustainable. So I think you all need to join the gang to protect our one and only planet. If you identify yourself as a coffee addict, why not investing in a coffee cup? Because every time you bring in your own cup to buy coffee, you get 25 cents off of your total charge. It is not like you will soon become a millionaire by saving these money, but do you know that one paper cup per day will produce 23 lbs of waste into a landfill a year. On this note, please bring your own cup next time to save some $$$ and show your love to mother earth.

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4. Movie collections in the library

If you are new, you might not know that you may borrow movies from the movie racks located on the first floor of the library, by the circulation desk. The good news is they are not just some  old  films that don't spark your interests. My personal favorite? I'd say Inception. Look it up today and see what you can find!

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5. KPLU Station owned by PLU

Again, if you are new to PLU, you might want to know that PLU owns KPLU-FM (88.5 MHz), a popular radio station that provides National Public Radio programmings, local news and jazz. Nothing more I can expand on this simple fact, but it is something that you, as Lutes, can be proud of.

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  1. I'm excited to check out the observatory!

    1. Check it out! It is pretty cool! Although I am not sure if it is still open to the public. You might need to contact the professor who teaches the Introductory Astronomy course.