Sunday, December 4, 2016

~Thanksgiving in Oregon~

Hellu~ 珞

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break ‘cause I did! This year, I was invited to my roomie’s house in Oregon City (her name is Michelle) and we went to IKEA in Portland to shop for our new apartment eyyy 

Anyhow, this post is going to have a bunch of food pictures that we had during Thanksgiving break. I didn’t take any picture so...

Here they are:

Smoked Turkey 旅 - Yes, it actually looks that good,
and tastes amazing too 

Yams with marshmallow and pecans! It didn't look exactly
like this picture but I made it so of course it tastes
good  - People like it, I swear
We also made cranberry sauce  I didn’t know that cranberry pops
while boiling 

Green Bean Casserole - Michelle made this, it was so good 
Stuffing~ Still Michelle, still good Yummy
Okay, there are more but I can’t remember…樂

I miss those dishes so much  After eating them now the food on campus is so insipid…

We had a bunch of cool stuff for the apartment too but can’t take pictures cause they’re still wrapped up. No touching until move-in day - by Michelle's dad 

Alright, now back to study for final week that is coming soon  You can do this, good luckkkk ✨ Van

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