Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Guest of Mine: Camille LaRocca - Down To The Pumpkin Patch

Hello everyone 珞 Happy Fall season! 

This week, one of my lovely friend went to the Pumpkin Patch, and she took a lot of beautiful pictures.  And so, say hi to Camille LaRocca. The blog post this week is written by her, so take a look!

Down To The Pumpkin Patch

The air had the type of chill that made you feel like you were cold down to the bone. All of the leaves were in the midst of changing colors, an array of greens and oranges and yellows. We drove a van down to the pumpkin patch, wrapped in our fall clothing. My neck was wrapped in a soft pink scarf and I had my camera swinging around my body as well. Once we arrived, the first thing I saw was pile after pile of different types of pumpkins toppling over one another on each side of the building. Inside was a small food stand that was filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. I smiled; this is fall.
We headed out in search of the perfect pumpkin. There were orange ones, white ones, green ones, pink ones, and even ones with patterns and bumps in intricate designs. With my camera I snapped pictures of my friends in excitement. The sky was gray, but the lighting was perfectly bright for photographs. Smells of apple cider and fresh fruit from inside the building wafted towards us in our respective spots. The van sat back in the parking lot, unlocked,
Cutie Marie

and trusting. After getting a good amount of photos, I picked my pumpkin, a white shiny one that is relatively small, but big enough to carve. We made our way inside to look at all of the grocery items and I ended up buying some concord grapes along with my pumpkin. Being in college it is easy to be deprived of fresh food in general, but especially fruit.
Kaylee Queen 
After we were happy with our purchases, we jumped back into the van. I sat in the middle seat, happy with my grapes, taking them in one at a time and savoring the flavor. Outside, the hills rolled past, out of sight. This, to me, is autumn. Surrounding myself with loving people, keeping warm, and taking care of yourself. This was my day going down to the pumpkin patch.
Squad came here! 
Here is our amazing writer and
photographer, Camille

I hope everyone enjoy reading and viewing the pictures as much as I do! Thank you Camille for writing this week's blog post along with pretty pictures. I wish I was there with the group too.  Anyone hasn't gone to the pumpkin patch should hop in the car and be there on this midterm-break. Have a great break everyone! 

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