Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Experiencing Psychology Outside PLU

On September 26th, I got the opportunity to present my psychology research poster with my research group at the Race and Pedagogy National Conference held at University of Puget Sound. This conference was held from September 25th-27th, and famous speakers such as Angela Davis (civil rights activist), Winona LaDuke (indigenous and environmental rights activist),  Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. (director of W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research), and Dr. Eduardo  Bonilla-Silva (sociologist) were there at the conference as keynote speakers. It was a great opportunity for both my research partner and I since we had been working on our study since last April, and had turned in our research proposal last May hoping to present our poster. We studied the effects of family closeness and responsibility and how it effected different aspects of immigrant children's lives: with academics, depressions, and adjusting to American culture.

Many people stopped by our poster and listened to us explain our study, the results, and its possible implications or effects this could have on education. We also answered questions that educators, program directors, and students had about our study. We even got to interact with a few PLU professors as well! Overall, I enjoyed the experience a lot. I am really looking forward to more opportunities where I'd get to do more poster presentations!

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