Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Det er Norge i Rødt, Hvit og Blått! (Nesten!)

This year's 17. Mai celebration was very special. It marked the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution. As a country Norway has changed a lot over these 200 years and we can only hope the next 200 will be even better.
Flag-raising Ceremony. (Photo: John Froschauer)
As tradition PLU held a flag-raising ceremony, presenting both the Norwegian and American flag accompanied by the respective national anthem. I was lucky enough to present a speech reflecting how the meaning of this day has changed growing up and my experiences of this day in and outside of Norway.

Tiny me behind the podium! (Photo: Stine Smeby)
A violin played the new song written specifically for this year's celebration as we fallowed President Krise down to the Scandinavian Cultural Center for a beautiful breakfast.

(Photo: John Froschauer)
(Photo: John Froschauer)
We had flatbrød, brunost, laks and lefse while listening to great speeches by both the President and our special guest Terje Leiren.    It is always fun for new students to go to this event because they have no idea how many people actually show up to our celebration and how excited our visitors are!

(Photo: John Froschauer)
After the breakfast the ANSA (Association for Norwegian Students Abroad) Washington chapter at PLU had arranged a barbecue with lawn games, music and cake. They invited ANSA students from Vancuver Canada to join us for the day.

(Photo: Stine Smeby)
The lawn games and "pølser" made it feel as if we were in Norway and I'm sure the homesickness for this day was eased by this event. I know people wished they could be in their hometowns for this special day! Here is a video made by ANSA Vancouver from the big day:

The students later went to Ballard, where there was a huge parade through the streets of Seattle! There were many norwegian-american groups and clubs participating in the parade as well! It is a very different experience then the 17. Mai celebration many of our Norwegian students are used to. But they were very excited to see so many enthusiastic people out celebrating!

(Photo: Stine Smeby)

I am so glad choose to go to a school with such a strong Scandinavian heritage. It has made me feel so much closer to home and to my fellow Norwegians! What a great way to end the year and start of summer! Until next time!

Special thanks to everyone who made this event possible:
Office of the President, Scandinavian Cultural Center, Dining and Culinary Services, ANSA Washington, ANSA Vancouver and all the volunteers.

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